Monday, January 14, 2013

More evidence on the futility of gun control.

DXLiberty: DefDist Printed AR Mag.


Anonymous said...

LOVE these guys!!!!

Making Feinstein and any ban IRRELEVANT.

Anonymous said...

Love the last lines:
"How does it taste?"
"It tastes like Dianne Feinstein's lunch."

I don't care WHO you are, that is just too damn funny. ROFLMFAO.

B Woodman

Toastrider said...

Well, so much for mag bans.

Why the hell was I surprised? The WikiWeapon project builds a receiver that survives six rounds (five more than I had bet on), and now someone does the same with a mag?

Ah well. The tears of hoplophobes are sweet indeed.

Anonymous said...

That's an idea. Someone (better then me) needs to come up with and market a drink (wine, liqueur, soft drink) titled "Tears of Hoplophobes (Are Sweet Indeed)".
Good luck, and let me buy the first round.

B Woodman

dave said...

ban the hi-capacity windbag politicians not guns!

Anonymous said...

Let's see . . . a carbon-carbon composite barrel and receiver . . . voila! Nonmetal AR, AK, FN, etc., etc. They'll last at least a few rounds. Long enough to make a difference.