Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More collectivist press on the warmed-over feudalism of the "Citadel."

The History Of The Prepper Paradise Known As The Citadel
I was talking to a buddy the other day and he called the whole concept "warmed-over feudalism," asking "who do you think will call the shots in this 'patriot paradise?'" He added, "Once they've got the investors' money, even if they ever get that God-forsaken patch of undeveloped land put into livable shape with OPM and people move in, it will be Kerodin and Company who rule it. . . It reminds me of the Jim Jones character 'The Governor' who runs that Georgia town in 'The Walking Dead.'" (MBV Note: 'OPM' is his shorthand for 'Other People's Money,' which my friend pronounces as 'opium.')
LATER: The collectivists pile on: Yet more on poster boy Kerodin.


thedweeze said...

Amazing, ain't it Mike?

I saw this coming months ago, but according to K I'm a "troll" to be ignored, and a "coward" by the execrable Bill Nye.

And just to show what a non-person I am, K has blocked my IP from several of his sites. Too bad the idjit never heard of Tor.

K has divided the community and has done what might be fatal damage to the III concept. He's certainly ruined it to the point that "III" is turning into a synonym for "survivalist" in the popular imagination. Thanks for nothing, you self-important little creep.

And let's not forget his attempts to pre-justify wanton murder. I have a bunch of posts on that over at my place: http://seeemilyplay.therealgunguys.com/


Anonymous said...

If I were to believe Reichs Fuhrer Kerodin's own words, the III Arms Co. was founded to support the Citadel III Project; i.e. the Citadel's management would be the boss of Jimmy the Cat Miller, who claims to run the arms 'factory' by himself.

Yet, the III Percent LLC was registered in Idaho by Holly Kerodin, and the Citadel Land Development LLC both by Holly and Christian Kerodin, the CEOs of the world renown RapeSafety.com.



As to the III Arms Co., the only registered manager or member of the board is Holly Kerodin, not being a felon (?) I guess. Must piss off the Hymen/Kerodin/Hellesponte/Sam III?


Yup, the Kerodins will run the show for the useful idiots.

It's sad, because the idea of patriots moving together is great, but Kerodin just could not keep his foul mouth shut. More important, he started to invent punishements for "free patriots," not to mention promote his "final solution" to get rid of the undesirables.

Luckily they will never establish themselves either in Benewah County or any part of the Redoubt states. I'm pretty sure the current residents make sure of that.

(Naturally, should they be working for the alphabet soup, as some have suggested, their city will be build by the government.)

More scoops coming up shortly. Now they are huge!

Ranger LTW

Anonymous said...

Herr Muller was right, they sure are big now - even in Italy (my free translation):


To the mountains of northern Idaho raises a City of Freedom for anti-government patriots and gun lovers ... that will be defended armed to the teeth ... identical homes, gardens, very moderate styles. A classic! ...

III Arms Co. The idea of ​​the fortified city revolves around the arms factory, which will provide security and employment to the new citizens.

The factory currently offers two types of firearms to "protect one's life and liberty:" "A machine gun straight from a Rambo movie and a pistol.

Both can be customized ... skulls, phrases, even images of Captain John Parker, who led the first battle against the British in Lexington during the American Revolutionary War of 1775.

A rubar poco si va in galera, a rubar tanto si fa cariera.

Ranger LTW

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between putting down $208 and $2080? If it was proven to be fraud, ie. theft, one would be a misdemeanor and the other a felony charge...

LordChamp said...

I posted this a his site so posting it here as I said I would:

So now you call for people's rights to be taken away?


I don't agree that you should have lost your rights for your conviction but is it really demonstrating a "Patriot" spirit to wish and ask for someone to have their Creator given rights taken away?

Sounds pretty hypocritical and petty to me.

Who are we to judge what is in anyone's heart?

If you say you had no ill intent in your past business dealings and were just railroaded by the government, what would you have us to believe.

If he says he changed his ways and moved away from his past, who are we to question that?

Actions from both of you speak louder than words. If you both have "clean" records since the incidents then you have paid your debt and it should be forgotten and forgiven.

Someone take the high road here or I for one, will leave both sites, which I hate to be forced to do, given the otherwise excellent information provided.

I will post the same to his site.

So bottom line, is all this worth losing people that you could otherwise positively influence and reducing your influence to a small group at a time when we all need to pull together?

Don't let hate consume you.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever walked over a 20 acre parcel? And they want to build a city and arms factory on it? Nobody did any homework on that idea.

idahobob said...



Anonymous said...

Incredible how defensive and irate some of his devoted one's become at the least hint of doubting their self appointed leader. Even more incredible are some of the group's and individual's who have seemingly sworn allegiance to him. One thing is for certain in this deal, some of these men are not people to be fucking with. If indeed this IS another one of his scam's , it'll be his last one.