Monday, January 21, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: Congressman wants to censor Internet of 'high capacity' magazine plans

"Meanwhile, Defense Distributed has successfully printed fully functional 30 round AR-15 magazines (see sidebar video), and have made the file freely available to anyone with Internet access. Rep. Israel is apparently keeping close tabs on the Wiki Weapons project, because within days of their announcement of success in printing the magazine, Israel put out a hysterical press release vowing to ban the Internet publishing of CAD (computer aided design) files for printing the magazines."
If Steve Israel doesn't want you to have them, be sure and go download them now so they can be shared later.


Crustyrusty said...

Way ahead of you, bro. Downloaded the .zip file last night.

Anonymous said...

Too late, I already DLed them and a lot more.


Anonymous said...

Already gone international!

Importing US PMags is a bit difficult at the moment as someone over there is buying them ALL!


Anonymous said...

I found this yesterday:

Ranger LTW

Anonymous said...

I'm haveing some difficulty finding the correct drawings for a Sten. Anybody out there have a link?

P.S. my "captcha" phrase actually makes sense today "lyingleo" -- lying law enforcement officer?