Sunday, January 20, 2013

It was inevitable that SPLC would notice Kerodin sooner or later.

In fact, I predicted it when I first heard about his criminal record. Now they have: Convicted extortionist a key player in Idaho citadel project
And of course it's my fault and not their own:
This week, Kerodin responded angrily on his blog, saying “Little Mikey Vanderboegh is attempting, once again, to hurt hundreds of Patriots, using me as a weapon.”
He asked if Vanderboegh had enough “courage to ever meet me face-to-face and repeat your written words,” and dared him to show up at a meeting on April 19, the anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. “Insignificant people like Vanderboegh will always seek to attack the winners in life,” the convicted felon sniffed. “For those Patriots involved in the Citadel project, march on!”
. . . Kerodin’s associate, James L. Miller, who identifies himself as president of III Arms Co., also responded angrily to the project’s critics on the Citadel’s Facebook page. “Folks, we are being slandered by some very disgusting people, and that slander has been furthered by someone a lot of us probably both trusted and respected: James Wesley, Rawles,” Miller wrote.
“Mr. Rawles, without researching a single bit of the cut/paste hatchet job from a cancer ridden, soon-to-expire self-admitted communist, has insulted the intelligence of Patriots all across the globe,” Miller wrote.
Not that facts matter to either Kerodin or Miller, but that's a self-admitted EX-communist and, in view of that experience, ardent ANTI-communist. Also, reports of my impending death have been greatly exaggerated, even if sincerely wished for by Eric Holder, my ex-wife and, apparently Kerodin and his ilk.
The funniest thing is Mr. Hyman's challenge. As I recall the Code Duello, as the challenged party in a duel I have the choice of weapons. But since Mr. Hyman/Kerodin is a convicted felon, presumably he's not allowed modern firearms (although I'm sure the ATF might be persuaded to give him a note of permission in this case). What then should I agree to, gentle readers? Suggestions?


Brian said...

A little background would be nice. I found this piece to be fairly baffling.

David Forward said...
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Anonymous said...

Mike, you have already won the duel of words. You have also clearly won the duel of ideas. Why waste any more time and bandwidth by even mentioning the fool?


McWopski said...

Choice of weapons? How about a spelling contest?

Dutchman6 said...

I don't believe in "unholy alliances." I don't believe you can make "truces" with people who are happy advocating the killing of innocents. Such people are the enemy of the Founders' Republic and of humanity in that advocate becoming the monsters they allegedly seek to defeat. I knew when Hyman/Kerodin was revealed to be a self-admitted and largely unrepentant federal extortionist that his play for the subornation of the Three Percent was, intentionally or not, paid or not, going to discredit it.

I have spent a great amount of time ignoring him, but when Drudge picked up the Citadel story (which originally thrilled Kerodin/Hyman and Co.) and stories appeared linked him to the Three Percent that (based on the emails I received) I would have to say something.

If this is a wound to K & Co. it is a predictable self-inflicted wound that has collateral damage which was equally predictable.

I will have no alliances with collectivists or criminal charlatans masquerading as patriots. History teaches that to do so is to invite a bullet in the back of the head.

People who feel they must make alliances with such people are simply acting out of a wrong-headed feeling of weakness and inadequacy of their own avowed principles.

LordChamp said...

I would have to agree Trinity.

I read both sites for information pertaining to our war to keep our Country free and keeping our rights.

It appears to me that someone needs to be the adult here and step up and stop this.

I posted this similar statement on Kerodin's site also.

It's time to focus on the important things.

The truth will eventually win out for whoever is truly right.

Just speak the truth and let it go.

LordChamp said...

Dutch, no alliance is required or expected and certainly no expected that you would go against your beliefs.

If he is what you suspect he will be found out as it sounds already was in a previous situation.

People can change as you should know. We can only judge that by present actions. However, it is prudent because of past actions to watch the present closely.

That watching though, does not require an ongoing verbal or otherwise battle.

Letting someone do themselves in by being silent is sometimes the best policy.

David Forward said...

I understand your position and withdraw my comments.

Happy D said...

" What then should I agree to, gentle readers? Suggestions?"
I am fond of Black & Decker myself. But I would stick to China Doll if I were you.

Your less than humble servant, Happy D

Anonymous said...

Sledgehammers in a darkened wine cellar.

Anonymous said...

Weapons for the duel: Courage and honor.

That ought to spank him soundly.

Dubya Bee

CowboyDan said...

So, "little Mikey", how tall are you, relative to Mr. Hyman, Kerodin, or whatever else he calls himself? Not that I care about your height; I've always thought you stood pretty tall.

Since he tried to use your height as a way to insult or to disrespect you, he must have something in his own makeup that makes him feel inadequate. Are Federal ex-inmates' information easily available online?

Someone with a curious streak and time on his hands might look him up.

WarriorClass III said...

The Apostle Paul was an ardent anti-Christ thinking he was doing the Lord's work, until he was knocked off his high-horse by Yeshua and became one of the hardest working Apostles for Christ.

I wouldn't view the "former communist" label with any more suspicion than Paul's previous persecution; look at the later works, and you see someone like the Paul we all know.

Anonymous said...

Hears my Q; What felony charges do the feds have hanging over this three time loser, to make him there bitch? As hes been in the joint three times don't that make his next conviction automatic life without? Is this guy the FBIs new whitey Bollger? How dose a three time loser get within ten miles of a gun without going back inside anyway? AND. Why are people so G-D stupid that they give him money KNOWING hes an ex-con?

Anonymous said...

I have followed this issue, Mike. I have read your postings about Kerodin and find it most interesting that he has never argued the facts. He has only called you names, and names that are not accurate from all that I have read. If Kerodin (or whatever his name is)is innocent of the charge of extortion, then I expect he would demonstrate facts that counter your assertion.

More troubling is the division he has wrought among the 3% community. I am a regular reader of WRS and was greatly disappointed that, last week, Pete took Kerodin's side on this one.

From all that I have seen/read, Kerodin smacks of the "patriots for profit" crowd, circa 1995. They were a bunch od slick hustlers using the crisis of that day to line their own pockets.

The fact that some among us can not see Kerodin for the hustler and con-man opportunist that he is, saddens me. Again, the divide and conquer strategy works to fracture our community and thereby our resolve.

To anyone looking at this citadel project, I can only ask, why would anyone invest in a "plan" that is so fraught with unanswered questions; the first being, what is this Kerodin character's real name? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Differences of opinion are one thing, but if threepers are unable to weed out the crooks and charlatans among us then, we are doomed.


Anonymous said...

Hold the duel on either of the following dates:
1-When hell freezes over
2-When Obaomao is hung/shot for treason

B Woodman

Robin said...

Pick me. We'll do a Jim Bowie.

Anonymous said...

I asked my wife to do a Google search on Christian Kerodin. In one minute she was able to glean links to:





And the funny RapeSafety operation by the innocent heater airconditioner repair couple:


And Jim Miller's alleged scam:



The Internet is full of their little "business adventures." If this Citadel III succeeds, it's going to be bigger scam than the Kerodin's could have imagined in their best wet dreams in their one bedroom apartment, and they have been doing this professionally for years. Soon the own a city and a county, and then a state is close ... Reichs Fuhrer ... the sky is the limit.

Despite the "scammer patriot's" spiel, the press in Idaho is very well aware of the facts of the partners of the project. I expect new articles published shortly with more detailed information of the persons and the project.

They're especially interested in the plan to take over a county and Kerodin's "final solution" to exterminate all "undesirables," from your everyday marxists to democrats, which would include 80% of Jews and just about all African-Americans.

When a POS like Kerodin is part of the group negotiating the future 'contineltal congress,' I think it's reasonable to take sides and avoid alliances that obviously, even to the most dense patriot, reveals the true goals of a man that has demonstrated whole his life being a low-life criminal, and a convicted federal felon at that.

Since when, exactly, has Kerodin changed? He is spewing hate (and scam) every day on his blogs. Really, whom would you chose for your leader, T.L. Davis or Christian Hymen?

That ought to tell you all you need to know how to act from this point on.

Silence only aids and abets the criminals. Now it's time to bring light to the rat fest.

As to the weapons of choice, Mike, choose the pistols. Fock him, he is not a gentleman.

Ranger LTW

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help to think of this;
2 Thes. 2:8-12

8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Me thinks these things have a way of taking care of themselves.

Sean said...

If you want a sub, or a second, I'll stand for you, Mike. You know where to find me.

Jim Klein said...

"More troubling is the division he has wrought among the 3% community. I am a regular reader of WRS and was greatly disappointed that, last week, Pete took Kerodin's side on this one."

He didn't take Kerodin's side; he took Pete's side. Until y'all recognize this, you're doing nothing but arguing for a new brand of collectivism. And when it comes to collectivism, the new brand is ALWAYS the same as the old brand.

Anonymous said...

If a client came to me for advice on investing in a patriot project, where the idea man is (1) not only a convicted federal criminal, but an extortionist to boot, (2) who refuses to disclose his current role in the project, and (3) who uses aliases to keep his real identity secret, I'd tell them to take the money and mix it into their compost heap.

That way they can throw their money away, but avoid the inevitable federal raid.

luagha said...

Obviously, choose an essay-writing contest.

Alan W. Mullenax said...

I've gotta say that I am a big proponent of dueling.

It just seems... so right.

It should be carried out as it was in the eighteenth century. Seconds, doctor, referee, and an actual set of muzzle loading dueling pistols.

If we could just have that, the matter would be settled. We would know who has balls, who is the best shot, who is willing to die for his belief, who is willing to die for his hate, everything.

I will volunteer to be referee. I'm pretty sure I can get a doctor to attend. Seconds are personal preferences so you guys gotta choose your own. Actual dueling pistols would probably be problem, so I suggest 1911's with a single round in the chamber. Ammo would be Lawman with rounds taken from the same box.


Anonymous said...

Pete's ALWAYS gonna take Kerodin's side....b/c they both have blood lust.

Kerodin advocates the murder of innocents....and Pete agrees.

These guys are wanting to shed blood for shedding blood's sake.

They will de-ligitamize any action the III percent take with their wanton killing of innocents.

There is no honor to be found there.

pdxr13 said...

Here's the JWR source material:

Mr. Rawles has been cautious about making statements over the years I have read his blog and corresponded with him. This sounds like just a disclaimer of no association, not a denouncement.

As usual with Mr. Kerodin: "buyer beware".

In general, let's not take on any side jobs shortening shotguns, muffling muzzles, adjusting sears, or building things that go boom for Fed's and Fed-rats. There's plenty-enough trouble in the world already.


Anonymous said...

A duel is only a duel if gentlemen are present.

A gentleman does not duel with felons - he simply eradicates them as vermin.


Anonymous said...

Won't that turd ever go away ?. I'd heard he was a convicted felon but never bothered to learn the detail's. Well , won't that be a hoot this spring when he hold's his New Continental Congress. One can only imagine the look's on some of his fan's faces when he comes into the room with his sagging pant's , doing the prison bitch shuffle. Oh well no matter , fuck him. Hang in there Mike.