Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm headed to a reloading party today. Given that it is inauguration day for the most anti-firearm regime in American history, it seemed appropriate.

I've been hoeing out the basement lately, gathering components bought years ago and today I'll spend the morning at a reloading party to put them together into something more complete. Can't afford (or find locally) 230 Grain .45 FMJs so we're going to be casting some lead pills out of wheel weights and such. Consider this my Ammunition Appreciation Day.
Back later.


GaryM said...

Planning on much the same. Maybe a case of 12Ga and several hundred 9mm.

Maddawg308 said...

Great to hear, Mike! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Be glad you have the componants to reload .If you notice besides the gun outage and ammunition outage, the reloading componant situation is just as bad, getting primers, powder or tips is hard t find what you need and in stock and the hasmat fees of 27.50 is forced extortion prices .Reloading has gotten pounded as everything else that is firearm related . I suggest to load them up if you have to or if you can afford to because when you need the things to load it will be a difficult road that cost more than the last time you bought it . Federal or ATK says they have over 2 billion in orders and are running their factories 8 hours a day , 24 -7 and they expect several years to catch up with the current orders and governmental contract purchases .

Anonymous said...

I just set up my new rcbs 1500 load master combo and it works great.the 1500 drops a powder charge to a 1/10 of a grain time after time and really speeds up reloading for me.

Anonymous said...

Each one lovingly made by hand and every loaded round capable of ... voting!

Dispensing love 230 grains at a time.


Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Drop them in a big bucket of cold water when you open the mold, hardens 'em. Hold the mold about 3 feet above the water, keep any water splash far away from the melting pot. Pour out water, roll them in a towel, then let them air dry near a heater. Size and lube as normal.

Scott J said...

Semper Fi 0321, I have found (oddly enough) that air cooled wheel weight alloy works best with my 1911s.

Water dropped are harder but just don't feed as well for some reason.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Scott J,
most of my casting is for WFNGC types, my grizzly bear loads where I need penetration. I was assuming Mike wanted hard nose in lieu of FMJ. That's why I suggested the water hardening, if not, forget that step.

Anon 9:01,
a friend just returned from SHOT Show, he was told by Federal Ammo reps on his inquiry on an ammo order, "wait 10 months and have at least $2 million to order".
I think we are going to see a lot of improvisation soon.