Sunday, January 20, 2013

If you can't practice law because you assaulted somebody, become a politician. If you can't beat them to death with your hands, call for gun control.

A reader draws my attention to this story, "Virginia lawmaker's AK-47 sparks gun debate on House floor."
And links it to this one from the Daily caller from 2011:
Politician responsible for brutal assault may run for Va. attorney general.
His comment:
The anti-gun nut Drudge linked to who brandished an AK on the state house floor in VA was disbarred as a lawyer for a vicious assault and beating of a man in 1999. No wonder why he doesn't want citizens to be armed! As pro gun people, we should welcome the chance to make him the face of the anti-gun movement.


Anonymous said...

Between the performance this Idiot put on and Fienstien's performance. We've seen about all the grandstanding by fool's recklessly handling weapon's we can take. These stupid asses probably don't even know how to check or clear a weapon.That they should be allowed to handle one in a public place is testimony to just how stupid they really are.

Anonymous said...

Morrissey is a complete idiot. He was interviewed on WRVA radio and explained his placement of his thumb on the trigger and sweeping the occupants of the gallerey as intentional..."to prove a point".

Point is, he is a freaking idiot, and now all of his colleagues know this.

On the radio, the interviewer told him that he had broken several of the most basic gun safety rules, his response was again, "that was my point".

You cant fix stupid I guess.

Edwin III

Anonymous said...

Umm, would he be a prohibited person in possession of a firearm?

Anonymous said...

Yea, if he was convicted, shouldn't he be barred from posession? But, as one of the "special people" like the idiot with the magazine in DC, he'll ge a pass.
Time for the lawbreakers and oath breakers to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Can he legally have a firearm after being disbarred for assault? Is he the next david gregory? Does anyone familiar with VA law know?

Anonymous said...

Let's do an investigation into this. I would love to know if he is able to even possess a firearm considering his disbarment for assault.

Hilarious title, btw.

Anonymous said...

I emailed this to the daily caller yday and they put this up. Apparently there have been other offenses!

That list included the December 1993 suspension of Morrissey’s law license for six months following a complaint from a rape victim in a case he prosecuted. Morrissey, she said, allowed her rapist to plea-bargain his case down to a misdemeanor after his father paid $50,000 — half to the victim and the other half to charities Morrissey chose. She also testified that Morrissey hid the details of the plea-bargain from her.

The bar had already sanctioned Morrissey in June of that year when it learned of his misconduct in a felony drunk-driving case. Without asking the court’s permission, Morrissey issued a new arrest warrant with a reduced charge of misdemeanor reckless driving. He was required to write a formal letter of apology to the judge.

Anonymous said...

LOL - this fascist thug was a prosecutor before, which is not surprising. He allowed a rapist and a drunk driver to plead down, he got into a fist fight with someone else, he represented someone who he had once prosecuted, he was disbarred by fed court system, the state va board asked the state supreme court not to reinstate him, etc. THis is something right out of the Onion!