Saturday, January 19, 2013

Georgia capitol gun rights rally

Would appreciate a first-person account from a reader.


LC Scotty said...

CCheck the pics in post #23. This was in Buffalo, NY-threepers are everywhere.

sutton said...

I attended this event with a work-buddy. Originally slated to occur at 12:00 , it had to be moved to 1:00, and at 12:45 there was already a crowd taking the steps of the Capitol.
By 1:04 the event was kicking off and there were probably around 200 people there. The organizers began the program with a prayer for Gods blessings and protection and the Pledge of Allegiance.
At the height of attendance I would say there were 300 or more people there.
A program of several speakers including the main organizer followed the invocation. I would say the most spirited and rousing speeches were of the 'red-meat' variety given towards the end by an elderly gentleman of 71 years, and a wheelchair bound vet.
Other speakers ran the gamut: average Americans of all walks of life taking up their responsibility of maintaining our Republic.
All in all this was a good effort and good turnout for an event that was pulled off in a ad-hoc fashion by volunteer concerned citizens using Facebook as their main source of advertising. They deserve all the credit for making this happen.
Gadsden flags aplenty were aloft as were many signs offering a variety of slogans. Several folks carried handguns openly and there were even a few rifles slung across the shoulders of the crowd.
The LEOs there were helpful, though they too had every third officer carrying an M4...though I doubt their magazines were empty.
The event lasted well over 2 hours, and the crowd was the same friendly patriotic demographic(s) (by that I mean young and old, male and female and every ethnicity despite the effort of the MSM to convince us it has to be angry white males at a gun rally)that one found at the Tea Party demonstrations at the same location 4 years ago, and they likewise left the place as clean as they found it.
Many passing cars honked and hollered in appreciation, there were no corresponding negative expressions nor was there any COUNTER demonstration. There WERE, however, two lonely looking token representatives of the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement at the back of the crowd manning their usual location. They did not seem hostile to the premise of the event at all, even saying they felt more secure with 'us' than with the M4 toting LEOs , with whom they've apparently had some run ins.
This was just one of many such meetings across the little 'brushfire'.
I hope TPTB took notice, lest these sparks by necessity becomes a flame.

P. Allen said...

There were +/- 300 people there today at the capitol in Atlanta. Several speakers. For the most part a very clean cut looking group. I saw a camera from one of the TV stations, several photographers, and a couple of newspaper or radio reporters interviewing people.

JudgementComes said...

Hey Mike - I was there. Coupla hundred, maybe three hundred...? Most armed. Very mixed bag...old, young, all colors. Two hours of speakers. A couple truly inspiring. Others doing the best they could.Tea party pre-announced a drive to impeach the scum bag in chief to be starting around Feb . 8. Bill Looman of Oathkeepers announced intentions to run against rino and career politician Saxby Chambliss in 2014. Plenty of LEOs. Quiet and courteous but armed with carbines.

Conspicuous absence of media. Glad to see folks show up on such short notice.

Anonymous said...

wtf is this?

Anonymous said...

I see the officers there were toting their ARs with full capacity mags. I guessing they don't carry that gear slung eveyday. Or at lefty demonstrations.

Mark III

j said...

Did you see the photo of the lady holding the poster of the AR 15, which said "It's because I'm BLACK, isn't it?"
THAT is the best I've seen!!