Sunday, January 13, 2013

David Codrea: National radio programs explore threats to gun rights

In “The Odyssey,” the “gift” the Cyclops Polyphemus promised Odysseus is that he would be eaten last. We need all the hands we can muster to lift and drive a burning stake into the eye of any monster who would presume to control, let alone consume any in our band.


Anonymous said...

Start with the non stop letters and phone calls to your elected employees.

Anonymous said...

I heard both Codrea & Gottlieb on Gresham today: excellent stuff, be sure to listen! They made it clear that if we do this right, we can make Obama/Biden/Feinstein's crusade into their equivalent of Custer's charge at Little Bighorn.

Phone calls, letters, emails... nonstop pressure. If we can win politically, we save our ammo for more pleasurable pursuits. ;)

C.N. Steele