Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dangerous Old Men

There are dangerous young men too.


Anonymous said...

A week ago Sunday, I went to the Legion Hall after church for breakfast and a few hands of euchre. I had breakfast, and no euchre. Instead, the talk centered around actually drilling. I mean a muster of the veterans and the like minded for drill and inspection. In other words, organizing and preparing.

So tomorrow, I'll put my CMP purchased Garand behind the seat and ride over after church. It doesn't seem like it has calmed down last week. I'll drill, do my part.

If we do not have this country, then what do we have left?

Anonymous said...

Great blog. It speaks to me because it is me. I am not drilling. But I am shooting every week. HATE using up ammo though.

Anonymous said...

"If we do not have this country, then what do we have left?"

You have what "they" will allow you to have and that was never intended by any of the founders. Otherwise they wouldn't have gone to all that trouble.

Anonymous said...

Practical practice with your centerfire is critical to do, but it can be kept to fewer rounds actually fired. I tend to practice all of the fundamentals with the .22 as well as dry fire practice. Keep your powder dry Brothers.

oughtsix said...

I turned 70 yesterday. I am ready, willing and still fairly able.

Bring it... to them!