Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another unenforceable citizen disarmament law.

US representative calls for outlawing 3-D printed gun magazines
Gun-makers already offer polymer magazines that Slater confirmed would be more or less equivalent to any created in a home printer. She said that Israel is not targeting those companies, but is more "focused on the lone wolf" who might make one at home.
She did not say how legislation could be crafted that would prohibit one but not the other; the proposal is being re-drafted in light of the new requirements, and the language isn't set down yet. They expect to be able to reintroduce the bill within a month or two.


Anonymous said...

The government banning forms of printing?

Samizdat, anyone?

jon said...

hey lady -- what do you mean, might?

Charles N. Steele said...

I think she should call for outlawing even *thinking* about 30 round mags.

Ed said...

Why not just implement measures that strip away the other Constitutional rights also and watch the fun begin?

Obviously they believe that there are no unbearable adverse consequences.