Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stupid Human Tricks. Bright Idea # 3,546,763. If there is a virus that can destroy humanity, let's play around and make it just for grins and giggles.

Why is this man smiling? Dr. Ron Fouchier, the Dutch dipshit who may have just destroyed humanity.
I can't believe that anybody this abysmally, criminally stupid is Dutch.


Anonymous said...

The thought occurs to me that maybe we are indebted to this guy.

At least we know how easily these pathogens are produced and given our terrorist friend's tendencies, perhaps the timely development of anti-virals and inoculations.

Does kinda make you want to become a desert dweller....

Anonymous said...

Since the big moneybag holders want to reduce the world's population by more than half anyway (excluding themselves of course) the mad scientists in this lab are probably on their payroll. The "alarm" is by the most naive or else just for show. Also, does it make it any less immoral if it was being created "in a military lab"?

miIIIerized said...

Bright Idea # 3,546,763 was mine dammit.....(yeah, getting married 13yea ago wasn't the brightest thing, but thanks to god and the legal system, it's over now...) ..so get your own number!

On subject, this guy may have brought us a great gift....if it can be made to take out politicians and muslims. Should be easy to do, since the both share the same genetic traits to get themselves killed off if someone pisses off a Threeper!

Cropduster said...

"The fear is that if you create something this deadly and it goes into a global pandemic, the mortality and cost to the world could be massive," a senior scientific adviser to the US Government told The Independent, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"The worst-case scenario here is worse than anything you can imagine."

OH how convenient! Replace the aluminum and barium being sprayed from above, with this crap, and the NWO's wish for de-population comes true.



Anonymous said...

Ref: Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six" (the novel as opposed to the video game)

pdxr13 said...

Don't bunch up, maintain spacing based on the ability of the the enemy equipment. Avoid crowds, avoid anything to do with MOUT.

Self-sufficiency, resilient community, plain old isolation (which hardly exists anywhere in the world), are all going to work, if you have deep stocks and smart folks who can keep their wits.

An outbreak is one of several scenarios that will allow TPTB to lock down travel, control comm's, control movement of food/water, urban utilities, and generally do whatever they wish on an "emergency" basis.

Of course, a serious airborne/contact bug with good survivability away from a host may overwhelm the ability of TPTB to control it. The obvious thing for the 'leet to do is give orders from sealed bunkers and watch the results on video.


Anonymous said...

Yep. There it is. The manufactured “crisis” as the pretext to declare martial law and mass roundups of “undesirables”.

First we have a gradual buildup of the police state starting in the 1980’s, then in the last 10 years, a swift ratcheting up with 9/11 being used as the excuse.

Reports of millions of plastic so-called “coffin liners” being seen stacked up at various places around the country. The govt taking delivery of 102,000 railroad boxcars, each one outfitted with hundreds of pairs of shackles. FEMA ordering 350 million MREs.

Multiple freedom-wrecking bills passed into law, the most recent being the NDAA and the proclamation that your backyard is now a battlefield. All nice and legal-like.

Then, on the heels of the NDAA vote we have FEMA activating their 600-some-odd “detention centers”, working with KBR to contract services to be ready to go with 72 hours of getting the green light.

Now comes news of this new super-virus scare. How very convenient that all this was put in place in the event of “mass immigration from Mexico, mass migration due to natural disaster, or other such uses as deemed by the Department of Homeland Security”.

The pieces all fit together so nicely now. Whether it’s WWIII, Economic Collapse, or a Pandemic, the elites are determined to wipe out as many “useless eaters” as possible.

Anonymous said...

This virus needs to be confiscated and these guys need to go to Gitmo or get a bullet in the back of the head! Didn't they violate the March 26, 1975 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Something for "preppers" to consider!

It's TRIVIALLY easy to overpressure your house. A blower, a HEPA filter on the intake, a little ducting and... No worries!

Anything (dust, spores, WHATEVER) is then pushed away from instead of pulled in through cracks and crevices.

Done right, it can also easily be directed to UNDERpressure one room so it can be used to isolate any sick. Underpressure makes sure any hazards stay in said room and aren't passed out to the rest of the house!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if perhaps Dr. Don Fouchier hasn't just unwittingly signed his own death certificate. Will the NWO still want him around now that he's delivered exactly what they want ? They don't need him anymore now and probably will mark him as expendable. Sucks bein' you, dickhead. As sick as the NWO maggots are, they may even do away with you using your own invention.

SB Smith

Anonymous said...

It seems awfully convenient that a humanity-destroying virus was created.

Many collectivists believe in the discredited "population bomb" theory.


Stephen King said...

Uh, fellas? "The Stand" wasn't intended to be a how-to manual. Just FYI.

crurifragium said...

Reminds me of Frank Herbert's "White Plague" novel from 1982-a microbiologist's family is killed by an IRA bomb attack, and he creates a pathogen in his basement that he then releases in Ireland and Libya.

If I recall correctly, one of his vectors were donations to charitable organizations that funnel money to terrorists.

Anonymous said...

@ Stephen King

Neither was 1984. Or Atlas Shrugged. Or Soylent Green (look up how waste heat from crematoriums is being used for heating and power generation).

Anonymous said...

Well, just dandy! As a Dutchman AND a microbiologist, I am appalled. It's bad enough that this kind of stuff, and worse things you REALLY don't want to know about, is produced at USAMRIID to begin with. There were cases, beginning in 2005 with a 17-yr old in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where there was evidence of bird, swine and human flu having been combined and "accidentally" included in a vaccine. Other cases cropped up in California and elsewhere not long afterward. Both vaccines were traced to the same manufacturer and batch. Most of the MSM stories didn't reveal that the pts. had been vaccinated just prior to getting sick. Title 50 apparently applies, I guess (the military can subject the general population to experimentation).

But this guy does it OUTSIDE a military facility, and probably not even a level IV lab? In the Netherlands?? I bet (real) terrorists pray all day for opportunities like this to come along.

This is one of the reasons I DID move to the desert.

What an idiot!


P.S. In the way of a short Praxis - something to keep on hand: alcohol. The drinking kind - ethanol, grain alcohol, good ol' moonshine. NOT denatured, because it has methanol in it, which will make you go blind if you "accidentally" drink enough of it. We used 70% ethanol to wipe down every surface we worked over in lab hoods or lab benches, along with flaming, sterile technique, etc., but alcohol does a lot to control most of the nasty bacteria. Get some plain ol' Everclear or Golden Grain (or visit your local distillery, wink, wink) and keep a bottle on the shelf. It's 95% (190 proof) and needs to be diluted to 70% to work, it has something to do with lyophilization (breaking up) the cell walls and that strength seems to work best.

Without resorting to graduated cylinders and such, to make, for example, 10 oz. of 70% ethanol, just put 7 oz. of the straight alcohol in a bottle or jar and add 3 oz. of DISTILLED water (which you should also have on hand) and that will get you close enough. To be a little more exact (because you're starting with 95%), you'd use a little more alcohol and a little less water, specifically 7.4 oz. and 2.6 oz. respectively. There are online dilution calculators that will work in any unit and strength you need ( homedistillers.org , for one ).

It's basic math and can be learned and practiced until you can work in whatever amounts you need. That's what a solar calculator (or an old fashioned slide rule) can be handy for - besides figuring range, windage and elevation. This is something which might be handy to put in a personal survival notebook, just in case you're in a situation where you run out of alcohol wipes or bottled hand sanitizer. We will all run out of the store-bought stuff, eventually, so best to know how to make your own dilutions. Making alcohol from scratch is another whole Praxis (and can be all kinds of fun!)


Anonymous said...

These are the same creeps that brought us the African slave trade. The Dutch screw up everything they touch (except paintings).