Wednesday, December 28, 2011

David Codrea: Administration/media collaboration continues Gunwalker misdirection

"Serrano said it, I believe it, that settles it." Or, not.


Anonymous said...

Yes there is media misdirection. The media refers to GW as a failed effort to control the flow of arms smuggling into Mexico. In fact it was a very successful program aimed at providing arms to the drug cartels in Mexico...and here as well!!!

Anonymous said...

We thought this was the agenda of Gunwalker the second we heard it described. To give the Mexican government guns that could be traced to the United States.

Why do you think we haven't heard the Mexicans shrieking about this? Normally they whine about anything we do across the border, but this time, nothing but a perfunctory complaint. Why is that do you think?

Is the corrupt Mexican government helping the corrupt Obama Administratino with its anti-gun program?

Anonymous said...

Of course they knew all along . This spring will be three years since Calderon , Hillary , and Barry gave us all that first concerted chest poke . And with a full court press campaign , they continued to poke every day in the headlines , and in the side bars of every news story I read .

The most telling thing to me was how much noise they made for so long ,only to be punctuated by a sudden and deafening silence come last Christmas .

What an interesting time to be alive .