Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alvie D. Zane is on to something . . .

Sustainability is the new lebensraum. The EPA believes it can empower itself to wreck our lives.


Anonymous said...

Most people cannot survive without their refrigerator, and with electricity rates to soar from this kind of regulation and with the feds cracking down on home-grown foods, there will be starvation and/or rationing of food and energy. Combined with government rationing of healthcare and TSA intrusion on travel, it is a perfectly legal way to transform the country into a communist - not socialist - state.

Also, by cracking down on home-grown foods, they force people to consume the processed foods with all of the chemicals stuffed into them. Cancer rates have exploded in the past 50 years. Combined with the feds' decree not to treat anyone over 75, it is a stealthy way to control the population.

Bad Cyborg said...

Did you guys see? Alvie earned his RIFLEMAN BADGE!! Anybody who claims to be a 3%-er ought to get one of those. Everybody ought to attend an Appleseed Weekend. I promise you'll come away better for it.

@Seremzh, all they'll succeed in doing is pushing the country closer to a revolution. Which is why everybody needs to earn their rifleman patch. The more people we have who can engage targets at twice the range of a .223 the better. Those who do not have a .308 or 30-06 best get one. Preferably semi-auto. According to the Army's own figures a .308 round has ample energy to penetrate the best body armor the army issues. Level 3 stuff that cops wear might as well be tissue paper for all the protection it affords to .308 and larger.

Gonna get mean, folks. Gonna get MEAN!!!!

CA Shooter said...


NIJ Level 3 (standard SAPI) is rated to stop M80 FMJ from 7.62x51mm NATO at over 2700fps. And it requires 3 or 5 shots to the plate to be stopped.

That's damn near the MV of an M14-type. Stopped by the basic level of rifle plates.
Level 4 (ESPI) is rated to stop at least 1 .30-06 M2 AP at just shy of MV--range is something like 50 feet for the test.

While 7.62 or .30 rifles are A Good Thing in the hands of citizens, they will not penetrate standard armor plates quite that easily, at least not without some better ammo (like modern, tungsten-core AP rounds, which are kinda hard to find).

BulletProofMe has the information here.

For more detailed info on NIJ ratings for body armor, BPM has another page here in chart form.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with NIJ or BulletProofMe, not even as a customer. Just posting the information for everyone's edification.