Wednesday, December 21, 2011

M. Catherine Evans: "Even Before Fast and Furious, They Had Guns on Their Minds."

Outstanding piece.


John said...

I cannot believe Holder, Clinton, and/or Obama knew nothing of Fast and Furious. If they hadn't known they would have swept clean the agencies of anyone and everyone who did know.

Anonymous said...

She certainly connects the dots.


Anonymous said...

What John 2:05 pm said.

That's the best argument that everyone knew - their reactions are totally wrong. It will bite them in the end.


Vatic Master said...

In 1996, under Clinton or in the shadow government in the Pentagon, the military had done a time line scenario. Here is how it read....
2009 - Pandemic that will kill 30 million people world wide.

2010 - violence along the mexico american border back and forth with murder and mayhem on both sides.

2011 - The President will have to call on the Security Pact signed by Mexico, Canada and the US to obtain troops from all three countries to quell the violence and restore order.

2012 - It worked so well that the North American Union became a reality.

Thats the timeline and now we know how the violence was going to take place, through guns given to the Zetas. I believe its the shadow gov doing consisting of multiple dual Israeli citizens or better known as neocons and neolibs.

Anonymous said...

I feel not only great pride , but a sense of accomplishment in the fact that I knew more about this botched sting than the Secretary of State , the AG , the head of DHS , and even the President . And knew it almost a year in advance .

To find myself circling in such a high orbit got me to thinking about a top analyst position in DC and all the perks and pay such a job might entail .

I feel more than competent , but have one reservation . Would I have to wear shoes and cut my hair ?

Anonymous said...

"I feel more than competent , but have one reservation . Would I have to wear shoes and cut my hair ?"


Just get a boonie hat and a cane, put on some weight, and take to wearing plaid long sleeved shirts.

rdf67 said...

Speaking of "connecting the dots", How about Obama's "we have a program under the radar" statement regarding gun control back in 2009 as Fast and Furious was being funded by the Stimulus pkg with $10,000,000?