Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Secular Theocracy: The Foundations and Folly of Modern Tyranny."

From David at The Independent Institute.


Anonymous said...

"And by the Enlightenment, John Locke had distinguished between the 'outward force' of civil officials and the 'inward persuasion' of religion. He believed that civil harmony required a strict division between the state, whose interests are 'public,' and the church, whose interests are 'private,' thereby clearing the public square for the purely secular. For Locke, the church is a 'voluntary society of men,' but obedience to the state is mandatory."

There are many John Locke fans in the liberty movement--almost as many as you may find in the communist ranks.

If man is a tabla rasa--a blank slate--then the state may write on him what ever it pleases.

Never forget what Natural Law is--the law of the jungle. Natural law is red in tooth and claw. The strong rule the weak.

God's law alone is man's best hope for liberty.


Anonymous said...

"No God but Marx, and Lenin is his Prophet" Secular Islam is what these idiots are...


Ed said...

The separation of church and state is a legacy of basic disagreements on which religions would be served by which "state" (town, county or colony/province/England) and their ability to tax. Paying taxes to support another's church was unacceptable. Plymouth Colony (Separatists) and Massachusetts Bay Colony (Puritans) were founded by groups that disagreed with the Church of England/Anglican Church/Episcopalian Church as they felt that the Church of England was still too close to the Roman Catholic Church. Taxes were levied to support the colonists' churches, which also served as town halls, meeting houses and militia block houses. The colonists were intolerant of others' practice of religion within the two colonies, which were later merged. Non-conformers such as Anne Hutchinson were banished. When Massachusetts Bay Colony had an Anglican governor instead of a Puritan governor, he wanted to build an Anglican church where the King's minions such as the tax collectors could worship. No landowner in Boston would sell Governor Andros property to build the church. Governor Andros seized public land used as a burial ground to build the church. There were protests on the local taxes used to support that church. During the American Revolution, Loyalists who attended the church fled when the British evacuated Boston.

The problem with Governor Vane flying the English flag with St. George's cross over a Boston fort echoing and earlier issue by Governor Endecott with the Salem Militia reminded me of later political turmoil within that militia prior to the American Revolution:

parabarbarian said...

It is still amazing to me how collectivists give credit to institutions instead of people.

HaroldC said...

Natural Law is not the 'law of the jungle'. It is the law God has written on men's hearts to know (though imperfectly) right from wrong.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

Both Anonymous and Harold have it wrong. The Natural Law, or Laws of Nature is neither.

The Metaphysical laws of nature were found and used by the Doric Greeks in Crete and Laconia, i.e. the Spartans.

As Plato said, "a city established on the principles of nature". These "principles of nature" is what the Spartans used to build their city: The Spartan Republic.

The Natural Law is Righteousness, The rule of One is best, Law of Resonance, etc. I have put the list here: List of the real, original Laws of Nature

Anonymous said...

Since Luther's fatal novelties of opinion in the 16th century, men have striven after liberties greater than are just. By no Authority other than their own, they have seen fit to fashion civil society in accordance to their own will. In more recent times men say that power comes from the people, so that those who are elected exercise a power delegated to them by the people, and that by this rule it can also be revoked by the will of the same people.

The right to govern is from God, as from a natural and necessary principle. Those chosen by the will and decision of the multitude, should only be so chosen if they are without opposition to Christian doctrine. By this choice the elected is designated, but the rights of ruling are not conferred, nor that authority delegated to him. In America today we have something fraudulent and unclean ruling over us because the will of the people was bent according to false and unjust liberties -- abortion "rights" -- healthcare "rights" -- same sex "rights", etc. They lusted for license, not liberty.It is a false philosophy of a new right -- a popular authority, together with an unbridled license which many regard as the only true "liberty". Hence we have reached the limit of horrors, to wit, Communism, Socialism, nihilism, hideous deformities of the civil society of men and almost its ruin. And yet many -- foolish Liberals -- indoctrinating Homosexuals-- covens of Feminists -- mad scientists -- attempt to enlarge the scope of these evils. Under the pretext of helping the multitude, they have fanned the flames of our misery.

Anonymous said...

The Metaphysical laws of nature were found and used by the Doric Greeks in Crete and Laconia, i.e. the Spartans.--WLW

"Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put into this world to rise above." Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen. ;^)