Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Codrea's latest, and a reminder. . .

"New York Times stacks deck so Holder can play race card."
David Codrea, my partner in sedition to the Empire in the Gunwalker Scandal, only gets paid, what little he does get paid, when you visit his site, National Gun Rights Examiner. He also provides a wider service at his original site, The War on Guns, which does not have a "tip jar" but notes that in lieu of that you can go to his Examiner site. The Examiner system pay him a fraction of a tuppence for every hit. One of the reasons why David and I get so, well, pissed off, at the "authorized journalists" and even so-called "conservative" web news sources such as the NRA who swipe his content without link attribution is that this robs money from David in the only way he has to generate revenue.
The Examiner system is screwed up in so many other ways, but David struggles against them every day to present what he is able to, simply because it is an income stream. My fear, and David has not prompted me to say this, is that after the first of the year David is going to have to take a hard look at what his finances are and simply hang up the blogging to get a job that pays.
That would be a tremendous loss for the cause of gun rights in this country in general, and the search for truth in the Gunwalker Scandal specifically. So remember to always go to his Examiner site to check his posts more than once a day. Help keep David in the fight. We need him.


Pvt.Joker said...

Thanks for the insight into Codrea's financial arrangements with The Examiner. I have bookmark his page and will visit it regularly. Both of you are genuine American heros and patriots.

Capt45 said...

I've set up my iCal system to remind me to visit David's Examiner stories 4 times a day, from 2 different IPs.

Stuff like this makes me feel this close to helpless.