Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chicago Pols, Gangs, how to tell the difference?

Courtesy of John Richardson we have this link to a revealing story, "Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance," subtitled: "In some parts of Chicago, violent street gangs and pols quietly trade money and favors for mutual gain. The thugs flourish, the elected officials thrive—and you lose."
As John observes, "Is it any wonder that Chicago politicians are so anti-gun? It keeps the honest people defenseless while the gangs who support them remain armed."


Anonymous said...

Can you say Mafiya boys and girls? And who says we can't compete on an international level!

What was that line from batman about an enema? Only a lead one will do at this point. You could always evacuate to the remaining America. Trouble is that these people are exporting there too.

Allen said...

chicago needs to be burned to the ground, plowed under and the fields salted. so nothing ever grows there again.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Boss Tweed, Hinky Dink Kenna, and Bathhouse John are proud of their heirs. Granted, Tweed was from NYC, but still...

jdege said...

Always remember who the Sullivan Law was named after.

Pat H. said...

The Sullivan Laws in NYC were passed by pols at the request of their gang masters to reduce the threat to gang members.

New Yorkers remain largely disarmed and at the mercy of the "Blue Gang" and the rest of the gangs.

What's interesting is that the TV programs that take place in NYC accurately depict the disarmed nature of the population there and the negative result of that over and over again.

Yet, New Yorkers tolerate that.

Chunkdog said...

"Attorney General Holder Tied to OKC Bombers"

Mike, I couldn't find anything about this on your site. Do you have any other information on it?
If this ends up being true, I don't know how he can avoid a nice long jail time.

Dan said...

The late Mayor Daley-the REAL Mayor Daley-was a member of the Hamburgs, a Bridgeport "Social Club", or what we would call now a street gang.

The tradition continues.

Jesse Jackson and his half-brother are BLack P. Stones. Gutierez is a Latin Eagle, the list goes on and on.

The major difference is that the modern-day gangs are dealing in narcotics and wholesale death, something that would have ben unthinkable to the "Social Clubs" of the 50's and yes, even into the 60's.

With all the connections to huge, organized drug gangs like the Gangster Disciples, isn't it odd that the Amerikan Terror Force concentrates on the retired members of the old "Social Clubs" and spends millions in taxpayer money to manufacture crimes with which to charge people?!

Kyle Bennett said...

Look at this in light of your last story on the tenacity of support for Holder. I believe there's something larger - or at least something else - in play than just Obama's re-election, and it involves Chicago. And Chicago means Rahm and Valerie, among others. Obama may in fact be the patsy, and they're hoping for a concession speech instead of a chopper ride off the White House lawn, I don't know. There's too much weirdness with Blago and Richie that doesn't make sense without a better explanatory model.

Anonymous said...

"Chicago Pols, Gangs, how to tell the difference?"

The trap in this one is hidden in the title question, much like a hook hidden in a chunk of cut mullet. By attempting to discuss a possible answer you have agreed to accept the premis that there is a difference between Chicago gangs and Chicago politicians. At that point you have already been had.

Other than a possibility that some of the politicians dress better, there is no difference.