Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now this fellow apparently got confused about whether he was on duty or not.

"'I’m a cop, I can do whatever I want' off-duty policeman shouts before 'executing guy in bar' over a game of darts." See, if he'd been on duty and in uniform he could have got away with this. Who knows? He still might.


Anonymous said...

Strange, but more and more we are having to get any real news from the UK.

Like this unreported-in-the-MSM gem from yesterday: Tweeting the word drill could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies

Just great.

Anonymous said...

If the victim were an illegal alien or a drug smuggler, the cop would probably have to do some time, like the outrageous under-reported case of Border Patrol Agent Diaz.

Female III said...

Obviously, he hadn't taken any required psych exams lately.

There is a word for what this "peace officer" did. It's called "copulation".

Anonymous said...

#1 Another case of "only ones" mentality.
#2 I wonder how the anti-gun crowd will attempt to spin this? After all, the only gun in the entire room (according to the story) was in the possession of an "only one".
#3 After the IA gets done giving this "only one" a clean wash, I wonder who the family will go after in the civil suite? The PD? Or the orificer?

B Woodman

bubba said...

I'm sure there are plenty of guild members who would like to warn us to "Not jump to conclusions."

To serve and protect.

People need to remember the 3 stupid rules:

Don't go stupid places, with stupid people and do stupid things. Warrior Talk News

Anonymous said...

He looks like the bad Terminator cop from T2.
They are here.
They walk among us. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

@FemaleIII: actually, this is exactly the kind of idiot police departments are intentionally hiring today. They are barely under control, and already have an attitude about being 'above ordinary civilians'. That attitude is reinforced in training, and made lethal with the militarized techniques.

No wonder ordinary people have taken to the idea of arming themselves against their own police.

rdf67 said...

Does everyone forget the reason for the Bill of Rights? To protect us from the government. Any surprise that the government continually attempts to water those rights? Do you think the American judges drafting the Constitution for the Iraqis included "due process" in their suggestions? I love the Brits say, "Well, you Americans have due process." And - it is like - why doesn't everyone? Must have had something to do with the founders and their unfortunate experience with government before they had a chance to do it right.