Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, well. All you Utahns who are a little bit miffed about the Gunwalker Conspiracy. One of the conspirators is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Field Marshal Erich von Holder.
US Attorney General Holder to visit Utah, MLK Commission.
Controversial United States Attorney General Eric Holder will visit Utah during January and is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech for the Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission Luncheon on Friday, January 13, 2012.
Holder is the first person of African-American decent to hold the office, and was invited by the commission several months ago. Holder’s office confirmed the commitment last week, and the committee is looking for a facility large enough to handle a large number of participants. The luncheon is currently planned to begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center.
I think the author meant "African-American descent" rather than "African-American decent" but you get the idea.
I can imagine all sorts of nonviolent guerrilla theater opportunities here to embarrass one of the big Gunwalker Conspirators. Go ahead, Utahns, impress me. Just remember to send me a full report with pictures afterward.


Anonymous said...

"I think the author meant 'African-American descent' rather than "African-American decent" but you get the idea."

It's a Freudian slip. He meant African-American INdecent. ;^)


Anonymous said...

How many more years are they going to wear this Whoa is me!"African American" bullshit on their sleeve?.

CowboyDan said...

Maybe the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) would be up for a welcoming party for him, or a local La Raza Unida contingent.

Someone commenting on a blog had the idea of making pet AK47's and putting them on leashes. I wish I could give him credit, but I cant remember where I saw it.

Maybe the Mexican-American folks could make a bunchlot of plastic pet AK47's, put them on leashes, and walk them around the venue to let Holder and the TV cameras know that they know a little bit about gunwalking. It's just a suggestion.

There are other people who may have other, maybe better ideas.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if our state AG, the great Mark Shurtleff will be present.

I thought so.....

Happy D said...

First mouse shooters and child rapists.
So I guess we should have seen this atrocity coming.
Is this the end or the warning of worse to come to our state?

Pvt.Joker said...

Descent, perhaps. Certainly NOT "decent".

Anonymous said...

So I guess that BARBADOS is now considered part of Africa.....already enough comments regarding 'decent'.

One has to wonder exactly how many generations removed from Africa holder's ancestors actually were. Him claiming to be 'africanamerican' is about as valid as obama claiming to be Irish.