Thursday, December 29, 2011

David Codrea: "ATF management to treat Gunwalker crimes as personnel policy violations."

They might. Doesn't mean other folks will.


Ashrak said...

Well, the IG investigation excuse will not last forever. The ambiguity of claiming "Executive Privilege" has to come to a direct point too, at some point.

What better way to run out the clock on this administration than to begin to claim that it is a personnel situation and therefore it must all be kept private - out of the public eye.....


Every federal employee should take notice of this situation. Barry will throw anyone, literally anyone, under the bus, possibly anyone, in order to avoid taking responsibility himself. Every one of them is a target of "The One".


Anonymous said...

No surprises here. SOSDD.

The clouds are just over the horizon. The lighting flashes are already visible. The storm is not far off now.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Ridge, Waco, Gunwalker and a hundred more.

There is a lot more here than is being told, and a lot of the tellers know the whole truth and the facts but withhold them. They withhold them because their personal interests, or the interests of certain ideologies are not served by their revelation.

The interests of freedom, liberty, human and constitutional rights, of the country and her people? Well, they can go to hell too.

Mortgaged upon the backs of the people and their children's futures.

rdf67 said...

Laws were broken by federal employees. 1. Felons are not permitted to buy guys and there is no provision in the law for anyone to waive the prohibition. 18 USC 922
2. Providing false testimony to Congress 18 USC 1001 3. Conspiracy 18 USC 371 4. Obstruction of Justice 18 USC chapter 73 5. Misprision of a felony 18 USC 4 6. Transportation of weapons 18 USC 922

The list is rather long - by my count about 48 who have been identified and that does not include the FBI that allowed the straw buyers to continue to buy weapons when their purchases were reported. I mean, who buys 720 guns for personal use? And who lets them continue to buy? Ask David Voth, for one.

Gunny G said...

By making it a personnel thing, they can hide it all from FOIA.

Longbow said...

Why do they work for this agency?

Why would any sane and rational man, especially an Oath Keeper?

It is because they DO NOT disagree with the agenda.