Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yeah, well, we don't trust you either anymore, Bob Barr.

"Newt gets bum rap on gun rights." Yer right, Bob. He's a bum on on gun rights.


rexxhead said...

Boy, you 'bout got that right.

I used to be a dues-payin', card-carryin' LPUSA member until the 2008 LP convention.

I said I'd rejoin when LPUSA sends me a letter apologizing for Barr-Root.

No, I'm -not- holding my breath.

Pat H. said...

The Libertarian Party became Republican Lite years ago, too bad for real libertarians.

If one wants to find out what real libertarians are doing, L. Neal Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise is a good start, and Lew Rockwell is another.