Friday, December 30, 2011

Idaho fishwrapper doesn't like small handguns (among other things). My reply.

New Idaho collectivist bedwetters' nemesis: Ruger LC-9.
"Why are you opposed to my daughters having the perfect anti-rape device? Are you some kind of tribe of vicarious misogynists who promote rape from afar and are either indifferent to the suffering or get off on it? How sick is that?"


Anonymous said...

The good thing about those anti-gun editorials is the reader's comments following the article (which are still allowed by the DHS brown shirts, for now at least).

The overwhelming majority of the reader comments support the 2nd amendment and they aren't shy about saying it and voting accordingly.

"Tiny instruments of death?" I guess the author would prefer the "larger instruments of death" sent to Mexico courtesy of Holder and Co.

Barney said...

The Ruger LC9 that I own has performed flawlessly.

Anonymous said...

Would have been more appropriate to just excoriate Ruger for including a feature that requires a special tool (key) to field strip the weapon. Ruger almost had some of my business when this came out, until I saw that.

Anonymous said...

Look who's calling for militias? I missed this as it was posted back in April! Being it is about armed defense I hope it will not be considered "off topic":

***3. Physical security, to include neighborhood watches, a Sheriff’s Posse (staffed by volunteers, but under direct command of the Sheriff), and a real-deal, honest to God public militia, which will also be a public institution established by the county but staffed by volunteers, and eventually established at the state level.***

A little late to the party, Stewart but come on in. You can apologize for your erroneous public statements against those ammo and food-hoarding citizens militias later. Who knows,... maybe you'll even show up for the next gun rally.

Constitutional Citizens Militias
Three Percenters
Armed and angry general citizenry
Unarmed and angry supporting citizenry
30 million news gun sales reported in the last two years alone.

You are always asking...Got militia? Looks like the answer is... "Why, yeeeeesssss. As a matter of fact we do."

Remy said...

I've been pondering an LC9. We've got an LCP we share for when concealment's going to be a pain but I'd like something in 9mm and have not been impressed with most of the other offerings.
I don't pay much attention to the NRA these days, but I do pay attention to the actual crime rate and the fact that Ruger and other companies are selling so many of these ccw oriented handguns indicates that a lot of others do too.
I'm glad Ruger turns a profit, a good profit, on their small handguns. That means they'll keep making them and do their best to keep up with the demand.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a special tool to field strip an LC9. Any punch, small screw driver, or even a nail (not finger) does fine.

The tool they tell you to use is also the key for the internal lock (which will never get used on mine)...One needs to investigate before saying "special" tool.

I've never had an unreliable Ruger.


Anonymous said...

Check out
Stewart---an Actor too !!

pdxr13 said...

Copied from ID fishwrapper:
pdxr13 says:
December 30, 2011 at 2:38 pm
I would expect commentary like this from a NYC hoplophobe with over 100 years of insane Sullivan laws or a British descendant of nobility with hereditary fortune/estate and armed guards, but a local Idaho editor?

Someone needs to GTFO of Idaho, and preferably the Western United States. Might I suggest Long Island, or CT. They have all tried to make your suicidal collectivist self safe from the hazards of the world and “society” by banning effective weapons, insuring that only criminals and The State can use effective weapons (against innocents), while minimizing the ability of victims to resist.

I don’t have any love for the LC9. At $340 (discounted new) it is pretty cheap (a lot of good pistol for a little money), but that is (imho) money better spent on another Glock26 or 27 to retain magazine compatibility with much of the rest of my collection. If I didn’t have a pistol, I’d consider getting one, real-soon. If my GF/wife or responsible daughter needed a pistol, this might be one that fits her hands “just right”, and I could help her with figuring out assembly/disassembly (removing the magazine “safety”). I’d prefer a small single-stack hammerless DAO 9mm with only a grip-safety made of wonder-plastic (reminiscent of Savage WWI-era pistol), but the liability-lawyers protest.

It sounds like a newspaperman needs to get some pistol training and some American training, beginning with the Right To Self Defense, and moving along to some classic Right to Own Property theory. The State of Idaho brims with Americans willing to disabuse you of European Classical Socialism notions and repair you into a functional American.

Good luck.

Barney said...

I am glad that someone already pointed out that the breakdown could be done with a punch and no special tool is necessary. Ruger supplies two "keys" to disable the firing mechanism. This might be attractive to those with small children but it is not for me.
Although I love Glocks, I find the LC9 to be very concealable. When I can wear appropriate clothing, I prefer a 1911 stye 45 cal. but most of the time, I need greater concealability. (Is that a word?) Oh well, as I said, flawlessly.

I love Ruger products....

American. Innovative. Reliable. Profitable. What idiot could be against that?


Dr.D said...

analysis of NDAA


Bad Cyborg said...

My CHL finally came in the mail the day after Christmas (the wife's arrived Wednesday BEFORE Christmas). I am waiting on the mail to deliver a Remora holster for my Uzi Eagle compact .40 S&W.

My wife has a Sig P232 .380 auto. When we did the shooting part of the CHL course (Wifey scored 243 out of 250. I scored 245) the instructor said she had a "Mercedes". Didn't bother me. Tje Jericho was the weapon of choice for Mossad and issue weapon for ISF. If it was good enough for the baddest mike foxtrots on the planet It's good enough for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Picked an LC9 up this summer, great little gun. Worked flawlessly right out of the box and the only time I was out of the 10 ring was when it was my fault. I can drop it in a pocket for those outings when carrying my H&K is not practical. Downside is that in has a Ruger trigger, but the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin.

Kevin III

Anonymous said...

Guys: Don't be dissin' my Homies in CT. A resident can get a CCL fairly easily there..I did in 1965, and have renewed it ever since. Now New York is another matter altogether! I always pack a piece or two when I visit my Family in Milford CT...


Anonymous said...

Worse yet, this "instrument of death" is made in Arizona!!!!

BuckOfama said...

Anonymous said...
Worse yet, this "instrument of death" is made in Arizona!!!!

December 31, 2011 1:50 PM

Lordy Lordy please dont tell Me they only use Americans to Make em..