Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Stone Albatross: Assisted Mass Political Suicide by Drowning in Mexican Blood. Obama's Decision to Embrace the Horror and Make the Gunwalker Scandal a Centerpiece of His Re-Election Campaign.

OK, so it's looking like I may lose my uncharacteristic $50.00 bet that Eric Holder will be gone by Christmas. I rested that bet on the logic that Obama wouldn't want the stone albatross of Eric Holder around his neck when he ran for reelection.
And, as Dave Wokman notes here, "During the Republican debate, candidates Rick Santorum and Rick Perry both said Holder should go. They join 57 members of Congress who have also called on Holder to step down." This may be the first significant mention of the Gunwalker Scandal in the presidential campaign, it won't be the last.
And yet, as Workman points out, it is in the GOP interest -- and perhaps the long-term interest of the truth -- for Holder to stay.
John Carlson, writing in the business section of the Des Moines Register, concurs and offers more detail:
At last count, 59 members of Congress want the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. They should save their energy and watch the faucet drip more.
Holder won’t quit — yet — even though he’s repeatedly lied to Congress and the American people about the disgusting Justice Department operation that sent a couple of thousand guns to Mexican drug cartels. . .
White House and top Justice Department officials continue to have a “What, me worry?” attitude about it. This is because they think they’re smarter than everybody else. If not for the horror their operation caused, it would be fun to watch them slowly figure out they aren’t the smartest ones in every room they enter.
The death count from Fast and Furious guns has topped 300. Holder said the killings almost certainly will go on for years.
His admission didn’t get much attention on the news, but it will make for great television next year when the Republican candidate for president runs commercials showing Obama’s smirking attorney general refusing to give straight answers to simple questions. His dissection of the word “lie” will be shown a dozen times a day. Agent Terry’s picture will remind us of the cost of such a stupid, reckless operation.
Democrat candidates for Congress will tire of being asked about Fast and Furious and they’ll complain to the White House.
This is likely, because it gets worse every time somebody in the administration testifies or makes a statement. Every piece of paper and email is an embarrassment. Not a single piece of information exonerates anybody in the White House or Justice Department, and serious journalists will report each death that comes from one of the guns.
Holder will quit, but not because of pressure from Republicans. Democrats will throw him out to save themselves.
Excellent logic, I thought, since it was my own theory months ago. But now we must ask "when?" Carlson is right to point out that not just the GOP presidential candidate versus Obama but every GOP candidate running against a Dem incumbent will have his own "What did (incumbent X) do to stop the Gunwalker Scandal?" as running. Even the Democrat Hispanic caucus can be attacked from the left in the primaries by other Dems asking why they did nothing when hundreds, thousands of fellow Hispanics were being killed with government guns?
No doubt this is part of the GOP strategy, to drag it out into the election season, but one must wonder why the Democrats are so obviously cooperating in their own demise? The Kevorkian GOP is happy to help, but my sources in DC are perplexed as to why the Democrats are so eager to commit mass political suicide by drowning in Mexican blood. "It makes no sense," said one. The 8 December hearing, he said,
"gave any political commercial scriptwriter enough soundbites for the average American to conclude that Eric Holder was lying through his teeth. All they have to do then is replay the Obama quotes about having full confidence in Holder. . . Nobody up here can figure (Holder's continued tenure as Attorney General) out. . . It's political suicide for an entire party. . . Even the Democratic staffers are openly wondering when the bleeding will stop."
So, in addition to "when?" we must ask "why" Obama and his party seem so determined for their own re-enactment of the Battle of Little Bighorn?
It can't be because they want me to lose fifty bucks.


Robert Fowler said...

Justice Department officials were eager to use Fast and Furious guns to influence gun control legislation.

We all know this was the plan all along. You can bet the it goes higher than Holder. His boss is in this up to his eyeballs. Congressman Issa and Senator Grassley need to get down in the mud and take Holder to task. He needs to be impeached and criminally charged in the deaths of Agents Terry and Zapata and the hundreds of civilians on both sides of the border. Obama should be questioned about this. He knows a lot more than he is saying. Impeachment and jail time for everyone of the scumbags like Holder that allowed this to happen just to advance a agenda

Anonymous said...

"It makes no sense," said one."

"So, in addition to "when?" we must ask "why" Obama and his party seem so determined for their own re-enactment of the Battle of Little Bighorn?"

Yes it does make sense and, you've got the roles reversed. We are the 7th cavalry, led by various ignorant fools or those who are "owned" by the "Indians" and they are the hammer and sickle tribes you've heard about.

Step back and look inward with an objective eye. Ask, which you have, the primary intelligence gathering question, "WHY, is this" and everything falls into place, neatly, although you may not like the answers it provides you.

Why, don't they get rid of Holder?
Why, doesn't the media report this story and give it the priority it obviously deserves?
Why are the republican timid in their pursuit of this obvious advantage?
Why aren't the public engaged and angry about this?
Why isn't the ACLU, BCC, HCC and so many others interested when they are usually howling?

The questions answer themselves and the conclusion is inescapable. Culpability and cooperative purposes, which just incidentally mesh so well that there isn't any light between the gears.

Then ask why that would be the situation and you have your answer and I didn't like it either but there it is smacking you in the face like a 2x4 with a nail.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the Obamanoids are not worried about Holder's adverse effects on their 2012 election chances because they're not intending to "allow" a 2012 election? Bev Purdue already lofted that particular trial balloon, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time in history that an election was "temporarily suspended" until the immediate emergency situation had passed. All they need now is the excuse...

Anonymous said...

Holder, Obama, et al have huge egos and a long history of criminal behavior. Holder will not step down. Nor will Obama ask him to. Nor will anyone be held accountable - everyone knows too much.

With this in mind, it should be interesting watching this play out. For awhile, it was being reported that the Demorrhoids were going to ask Obama to step aside for the good of the party, but that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

I expect a shellacking in 2012, assuming the elections aren't fraudulent - I just wish I could get excited about whoever the new prez may be.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Holder has pictures of them both at the bathhouse.

Toastrider said...

Join the club, Mike. I'd have bet the same.

I can't for the life of me puzzle out why Chairman Zero would hold out like this. I would've thrown Holder under the bus at the first opportunity.

The only reason I can think of for Obama to not try and push this under as fast as possible -- even with the media minimizing coverage -- is that doing so would cause an even worse mess.

Wonder if Holder's got some Watergate recordings...

Anonymous said...

7th cavalry metaphor very apt here, and it dovetails totally with the money quote from the Des Moines Register editorial.

"White House and top Justice Department officials continue to have a “What, me worry?” attitude about it. This is because they think they’re smarter than everybody else. "

bHo and company (Axelrod, Sunstein, Emmanuel, Pelosi, make the whole sorry list) really and sincerely do believe they are smarter than everyone else.

Total hubris and arrogance is a failing very common to the elite leftist.

That's one of the reasons they become leftists, because they think being so makes them the coolest, smartest, most caring superior human beings on the planet.

Plus they get to tell everyone else what to do because they are so much smarter than the rest of us.

Custer sent his troops down through the Medicine Tail Coulee totally and absolutely confident that he was superior to the massed Lakota and Cheyenne. He was George By-God Armstrong Custer, the mighty Michigan Wolverine, dashing cavalry hero of the Civil War, and probably even destined to become President of the United States!

Custer's biggest problem was Custer. His arrogance and hubris and absolute infatuation with his own glorious awesomeness led to his just reward.

So why are they doing this? Because they really do think they're clever enough to get away with it.

Mt Top Patriot said...

They have something nasty up their sleeve for us. Something particularly dirty. With the Rule of Law extinct, for the elites anyways, there is nothing to stop them but Hobbits, Ewoks, and maybe 3 million Americans if they can pull their heads out of their arses.

A little ole thing like a constitutional election is not going to ruin their party.

Gunwalker is small potatoes, a veritable fart in a mitten, compared to what Declaration of Marshal Law is going to do to us.

Barney said...

Okay since everyone seems politically correct today, I will say it The only logical conclusion is that Obama was in it from the beginning and Holder refuses to take the blame alone. Obama is guilty of subverting the Constitution pure and simple.


Pericles said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, that (above) or they are just incredibly arrogant and think they can get away with crap like Fast & Furious.

Dedicated_Dad said...

"...It can't be because they want me to lose fifty bucks."

Don't be so sure - evil has a way of being VERY stupid sometimes!

Personally, I figure the Republitards will use F&F whether Holder retires or not. Granted, it's WORSE when he's STILL in office, but...

My guess? WHATEVER it is that Holder has on Dear Reader (_resident Uhhhhhhhhh...bama) must be REALLY juicy!

Either that, or they really need HIM in place for whatever they're planning....

Anonymous said...

Kiss your 50 bucks goodbye.Told you in a comment last week ,Comrade Obama will not tell Holder to hit the road!.He may resign voluntarily,but Obama will not dismiss him.Myself like many other folks in this country ,we do not hate the man personally nor does racism figure into this.Obama is a man with some serious character flaws aside from being a chronic liar,he is in his own mind "NEVER"wrong about anything.Also he is a petty and vain man.If you will put all emotion aside and just observe and really listen to him,you will see what Im talking about.This guy is the spoiled brat who never grew up.he is going to have his own way come hell or high water.Also I want to give you a prediction .Mark your 2012 calender so you dont forget this.If Obama loses next years election,he will do everything he can,using his last couple months in office to totally eviscerate this country.You aint seen nuthin yet!

Ashrak said...

It is just as I said all along. The feckless GOP is more interested in GunWalker being a campaign issue than it is in seeking and exacting justice for Brian Terry, his family and the rest of us who have now witnessed an undeniable attempt at undermining our Inalienable rights using our own tax money to do it.

Justice intentionally delayed is justice intentionally denied.

As for why the parties are doing , and not doing, what they are, I pose this idea.

Washington is so dysfunctional, so backward, and so off course that both parties are doing their best to lose just enough power, and accountability that goes along with it, to be able to remain entrenched enough to soak the people's bank account while "blaming" the other party and its members.

The elections are no longer pointed toward winning majority, indeed, from the parties standpoint, they are about winning minority status. That way, they get the campaign contributions rolling and can spend their term whining about what they would do if only elected, again, to majority.

The only proper and beneficial way forward is to turn away from the Establishment Parties entirely.

The Silent Speaker, as leader of a clear majority sent with a mandate to stop the borrowing, spending and blatant corruption, is proof that the GOP is not the answer. Democrats already had full and total majorities, so that is obviously not the proper path either.

Vote them out.
Every last One Of Them.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, neither you nor the GOP have figured it out: The Dems know the American people's mantra, "If it ain't happening to ain't happening".

Americans don't give a sh!t about F&F....or dead Mexicans. Oh sure, some beat their chests about it, but will anything actually be done when NO ONE is held accountable (beyond a slap on the wrist or a change of career)?

Not just no....but HELL NO.

We are slaves....I am; you are and until the wolf is at our respective doors, our short sightedness and lack of love for our neighbor's plight will let this tide continue unabated.

PS....cue the chest beaters.

Anonymous said...

RE: "The questions answer themselves and the conclusion is inescapable."

No, they really don't. There is no coherence here at all for a reason: the abject incompetence combined with malice and fear of the players involved. It is a true charlie foxtrot when you look at the totality of it. (I, of course, believe that full-blown malice is at the core/top of F&F but not all the players fit the same profile as Obama/Holder.)

My theory why Holder has not been thrown under the bus yet and Mike will lose his $50 (I'll have to make another donation soon to help)--

The Holder exodus is but one of a few bullets left in their magazine. They have been caught already but are simply involved in a delaying action-- with cooperation from the MSM-- until the election. The aspects of the delay are to keep F&F from ruining the Obama presidency before then, keep it to a dull roar, make every action Obama takes here (he'll take one or two or maybe three), appear as if he solved a grave problem, been astute/presidential/forthright, etc.

We know this is all BS but the MSM will run with that narrative because that is what they do. They can be counted on.

My own opinion-- the Rs are playing this wisely. Let the drip, drip, drip from Holder et al. harm Obama, do not go for the jugular, let the election take him out. This is straight from Sun Tzu-- the Rs must remain formless and give nothing for the Ds and MSM to punch into as they let Holder/Obama slowly hang themselves with their onw mistakes. We make the noise-- the MSM cannot target us like they can the evil, racist Rs who run ads attacking The One.

Mark Roote said...

How many rumors have we heard about possible attempts to 'suspend' elections?
I know this would be ugly and start the active shooting, but then part of me is looking at this recent 'indefinite detention without cause or trial'. When do they start rounding up anyone and everyone who has ever said anything against the government and start disappearing them? for this nightmare to play out, it would have to be soon.
I know this is way out there in conspiracy theory land, and I hope it is just my own nightmare, but from what we've seen happening lately, is it really that far-fetched?

Anonymous said...

We work, we work hard, stay at it.

RINO's first as they are the support troops need when the commies need it.

Moderate D's next as they can be voted out most easy.

Leave a few commies so we know what they are thinking and doing.

SWIFT said...

Given Holder's past, I can't help but feel there is an even bigger scandal no one has picked up on yet. Whatever it is; Holder obviously has Obama by the short ones. Holder is fully capable of blackmail. As far as his morality, he is the DEMO equal to a Henry Kissinger. Make no mistake, there is something big and ugly going on behind the scenes.

Andrea said...

To anon who said - Apparently, neither you nor the GOP have figured it out: The Dems know the American people's mantra, "If it ain't happening to ain't happening".

Unfortunately I can confirm what you are saying. I have four employees. Good family people. Good, responsible, tax paying folk all. They have been around me and my involvement with politics and CJ for years, and while I do not push either subject off on them I am very open when either comes up.

What I know now for a fact is, until they personally are hit hard (increments flow off them) either in the pocket book or some terrorist activity - they are not going to get involved. Period. They mirror a huge segment of our society.

There was a time when many of us had our heads in the sand and finally we took corrective action. Unfortunately our numbers are probably little more than hanging in there. These fights are exhausting. I don't want to think what it is going to take for another wake up call to bring a whole new dedicated open-eyed group on board.

J. Travis said...

I really doubt that thy will suspend elections. Why bother when the corrupt media sways better than 45% of the too-damn-stupid-to-live electorate, and the entrenched corruptocrats in control of vote fraud will steal the votes they still need on election day?

Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler are registered voters, many times over; no one will dare deny them their votes.

Talk to everyone you know about Fast & Furious, or Solyndra....

Nobody knows, and of those few who do know, nobody gives a crap.

Anonymous said...

Point #1: It appears we, as a Republic, are truly fucked.

Point # 2: And this is a very minor point, but the phrase is "martial law," not "marshal law." Martial law means law as administered by the military or government. Marshal law means Mr. Dillon...

Quick, Domino, the Bushmills!



I believe the only way to rid our government of Holder is to remove the Boy King. This by election or impeachment. I am very concerned about the election because of a third party candidate will throw the election to Obama.(Or rampant vote fraud) So this means impeachment may be the way forward, as Obama has committed plenty of presidential crimes.

Great blog here. Add me to the 3% list.

otterhauser said...

Part of the GOP strategy? Only if Republicans have the guts to USE it!! And over the past several years, they have shown little evidence of that sort of backbone.

millerized said...

"because they're not intending to "allow" a 2012 election"

This. We are not going to get a 2012 election.

(and if you want to ponder a 'way out there' piece, ever wonder why we're spending money, doing illegal stuff and generally treating everything like there's no tomorrow.....hmmm....maybe there isn't.) Just thought I'd toss that one out there ;-)

Anonymous said...

No reason to have any confidence in any of it. Not long after the electronic voting machines came out it was demonstrated that a 15 yr old could hack one in 10 minutes, that is if the elections happen, a handy false flag op should solve that little problem. The only R labeled pol that might make a difference is Dr. Paul, but if he was actually voted in by an honest election, how long would it take for him to be disappeared in one way or another? Sudden heart attack, single car or plane wreck, etc?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 18, 2011 9:38 AM

"No, they really don't. There is no coherence here at all for a reason: the abject incompetence combined with malice and fear of the players involved."

Yeah, they really do answer themselves if you just chart it out, without bias, objectively.

Simply put the people involved are all on the left. The beneficiaries are all on the left. The genus is from the left. If any truth or fact intrudes, the left destroys it or does not report it and so therefore it never happened or it is turned to benefit, the left. This happens almost every time and the result is that information is managed and massaged to warp the public's perceptions and their reactions and votes.

Really all you have to do is think like a Soviet KGB/GRU/NKVD type and you pretty much can track this by that supposition.

The point I was trying to make is that, when you consider the odds and simply balance the information in the public record, verify your information and conclusions and objectivity, you are left with Occam's razor, which does not support the "Oops, my bad" theory of political process.

Really, truth and facts are being strangled here at every turn and that is not an accident. It is the result of deliberation and it's bedfellow motivation, which support only Occam's results and not some fortunate accident of circumstances and events. Nobody in the history of the universe could be that lucky.

Except, if you are the hard left.

Anonymous said...


"Gunwalker is small potatoes, a veritable fart in a mitten, compared to what Declaration of Marshal Law is going to do to us."

If the POTUS signs the NDAA then all bets are off. They won't have to declare Martial Law anymore under the Sections written by Obama and pushed by McCain and Levin. In fact...goodbye to the the United States Constitution and the Rule of Law. Makes me want to vomit...and then...well, I think the time has come to recognize our present Government has become illegitimate and act accordingly and with extreme prejudice as OUR CONSTITUTION gives us the complete Authority to do so.
Unfortunately, THEY don't adhere to thier Oath to protect it.

RegT said...

Millerized: perhaps that is also why we are reading that Barney Frank and some others won't be seeking re-election next year. Perhaps some of these scum - especially Frank, one of the architects of the recession/depression - want to get out of public view before it all comes apart.

Add in NDAA, FEMA opening some camps, the Army advertising for Detention/Resettlement Specialists, DOD training their people that protest is "low-level terrorism", the collapse of the EU and the euro, and I truly believe they are expecting things to come apart before they need to really worry about who might win an election.

In the meantime, Barry and MicHELLe are cramming in as many vacations and perks as they can before the crash they have been working towards takes place. They are loving the fact that they are enjoying millions of dollars of luxuries in the last days of the dollar having any value.

It is probably too late for Psalm 109:8 to be of any value.

Bad Cyborg said...

I'm sorry, Dutchman, but you are completely wrong. I expect few (if any) candidates to be asked more than a fleeting and highly ignorable question regarding gunwalker. The reason WHY I believe that? Simple. Because in real terms THERE IS NO "GUNWALKER SCANDLE! At least to the MSM and thus to the vast majority of Americans.

The lovely, talented and highly talented Sharyl Attkisson not withstanding, for the MSM Gunwalker is a non-story. Did any of the television (broadcast or cable) news outlets even carry a story about Holder's "Have you no shame?" exchange with Rep. Issa? One would expect such a dramatic incident to be a lead story on the evening newscasts. BUT IT WAS NOT!! Nor was it carried in the print media either. (A fact which I strongly expect would be very different were this a REPUBLICAN administration) Such being the case, how could it possibly be something for which the Dhimmicrats would demand Holder's ouster? I dare say that if you polled 1,000 people downtown in any major city you would be hard pressed to 10 who were at all aware of Gunwalker. (Where's the fire and brimstone rain when you need it?)

Whence the opprobrium necessary to spur such questions about such a "non-story"?

I see no reason to expect such an outcome. I would freaking LOVE to see it; don't get me wrong. I just do not expect to do so.

VRWCmember9 said...

Perhaps Obama knows Holder will be impeached by the House and he assumes Holder will then be aquitted by the Senate in a month or two.

Then he can say "see, it was just a political stunt by the Republicans." It sounds absurd but his arrogance (and stupidity) may run that deep.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out that we need to understand that the term is MARTIAL law, not MARSHALL law. 'Martial' comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. Makes it sound even worse, no?

Anonymous said...

QUOTE From ANON 12/18@ 9:38am "Simply put the people involved are all on the left. The beneficiaries are all on the left. The genus is from the left. If any truth or fact intrudes, the left destroys it or does not report it and so therefore it never happened or it is turned to benefit, the left. This happens almost every time and the result is that information is managed and massaged to warp the public's perceptions and their reactions and votes."

Dude, get your head out of your's BOTH sides.

Who was one of the primary architects of the NDAA that was just passed?


Oops....that doesn't fit with "it's all the left's fault".

Unless of course you are acknowledging the FACT that the "right" are actually collectivists and statists at heart (i.e., in favor of MORE, not less government power and intervention)....then I guess you could call them the "left".


Anonymous said...

When I read these comments, I can't help but think I need to dig out my autographed copy of John Ross' book and read it again.