Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Monty Python defense. My goodness. Joltin' Joe Lieberman announces a Senate Homeland Security investigation on F&F "inter-ageny miscommunication" and the head of Border Patrol runs away the very same day.

Folks, just received this statement by email:
Statement from Alan D. Bersin, Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Earlier today, I notified the President of my intent to resign as Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection effective Dec. 30. I have expressed my deep gratitude and appreciation to President Obama and Secretary Napolitano for the opportunity to have led such an exceptional organization and for the confidence they have shown in me.
My service as Commissioner has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my public life. I am immensely proud of the significant and meaningful achievements we have made on our borders and at our nation’s ports of entry over nearly two years. Through innovative solutions and strengthened partnerships, we have measurably strengthened border security, enhanced our ability to prevent potential terror threats, streamlined the entry process for lawful trade, and expanded our trusted traveler programs.
These extraordinary accomplishments are the result of the unstinting dedication, professionalism and sacrifice of the men and women of CBP. It has been my honor to serve with them and I depart with full confidence that they will continue to secure our borders and foster the lawful exchange of people and goods with vigilance, service and integrity.
Well, I'm sure that has nothing to do with Joltin' Joe Lieberman's new investigation into inter-agency miscommunication in Fast and Furious. Naw. Musta been one of them killer rabbits


Anonymous said...

That putz ran away from the San Diego School District after effing it up worse than when he got there. Seems his M.O. hasn't changed. I was quite astounded when he was named to run CBP.


Joe in Reno said...

Senate didn't confirm him. He was an out of session appointment and his time was up so he is going whether he "resigned" or not.

Anonymous said...

Our scene opens with Squire Eric and Sir Barak skipping through the forrest pretending to ride the horses they no longer own to the sound of coconut shells clopping like horses' hooves.

With a swish and a thunk an arrow with a note attached lands in Squire Eric's chest. He glances at it and just before collapsing says, "Message for you, Sir!"

With my sincere appologies to the entire "Monty Python" group.

Anonymous said...

He was appointed in a recess appointment. As a result, his term would expire on 12/31/2011. So there really is no conspiracy here.