Thursday, December 15, 2011

FOX: "Fast and Furious Scandal Gives Rise to Gun Regulation Debate." Gun control monomaniacs, their hands caught in the cookie jar of your liberties, blame the cookies.

Arsonists masquerading as firemen demand more gasoline and matches.


redleg said...

Just when I think nothing can surprise me, something like this comes along. Instead of gun control, how about perp walks?

hammerhead said...

Nothing done by this lowlife POS administration surprises me anymore! I can't wait til the day we fire all their asses!

Cocked, locked and ready to rock!

Hammerhead out!

SWIFT said...

In a way, I am surprised, coming as it does during an election season. This is usually a taboo subject in the run up to an election, after the Democrat debacle in 1994. Of course, as I'm sure others have noticed, nothing makes sense anymore, so why should this? Strangest times I've ever lived through and that includes the civil rights/anti-war era. I've completely given up on saying "it can't get any worse".

Robert Fowler said...

SWIFT said... I've completely given up on saying "it can't get any worse".

I've given up on saying "I thought I had seen it all." What I would really like to see is Holder in a orange jumpsuit.