Thursday, December 22, 2011

Praxis: The future of drone warfare.

Interesting from John Robb.


SWIFT said...

What concerns me more than a change of Air Force mission is the use of drones here in CONUS. The cheaper the drones get, the more use we are experiencing with them over our homes, as evidenced by looking at the skies over western Pennsylvania. 1984 has arrived in full force here. Rather ironic that we are footing the bill for the loss of our own liberty!

Anonymous said...

Check this crap out:
“If You Fire a Gun, We Will Find You.”


Tell us more about what you see in those western Pennsylvania skies.

Jensko said...

The wars in the middle east were just a dress rehersal for what they want to do to us. Testing their new toys. Live pilots will most likely be Oathkeepers. Some shmuck with a joy stick won't be.

SWIFT said...

To Anonymous; militia members and former members (myself included) have had more than our share of visits of UAV's taking photos. Our small airport, serving a town of 14,000, is an airport of "no record". I have personally watched a UAV take off from there.(December 13th, 2011.) Because it is an airport of no record, there is no way to trace who is behind the UAV, State or FED. These UAV's are as noisy as an ultra-light, but have an unbelievable climb rate and STOL capabilities. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, based on a long history of dealing with government scum, that the whole operation in based out of the fusion center in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

The current administration has already approved drone strikes on US citizens outside the US. The administration has already admitted that it has used drones within the US to conduct surveillance on US citizens.
How long will it be before US citizens in the CONUS are targeted for drone strikes - I mean natural gas explosions?

MI-copperhead said...

Maybe we patriots need to start an anti-air drone force of our own. Just a thought.