Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meanwhile, David has a point about Holder's point.

Holder has a point claiming calls for resignation ‘not organic’

If Holder simply steps down, much of the incentive to pursue him will evaporate. The natural focus of those who place ambition above principle will target others who have the power they covet for themselves. First things first and all…

Which means the incentive to go after investigating Holder will be diminished. And if that’s the case, finding out what he may be culpable for, and what he and his boss may have discussed about the matter becomes even more problematic.

Speaking “organically,” the course of action I endorse is something stated many times before in Gun Rights Examiner columns: Conduct an independent investigation and if evidence of crimes is found, prosecute everyone responsible and punish the guilty.

That’s what we need to be insisting on. If that happens, political survivability could be the least of Holder’s problems.

Anything less will not uncover (and actually further obscure) the truth, and will not attain justice.


WarriorClass III said...

Holder needs to be removed from office, but only after he has been indicted and brought to trial. All the facts need to come out exposing Obama and Clinton and the rest of the guilty. This could help expose the FBI and the PATCON operation as well.

Ashrak said...

David is exactly right.

Resignations, like the meme "make sure this never happens again", are part of the goal to cover this all up. Those actions are not part of the goal called JUSTICE.

It is time for Issa to stop stalling. It is time for John Boehner, the Silent Speaker, to break his silence. It is time for truth and prosecutions, criminal and civil, for those responsible.

If Barry was really so smart, as claimed, there would have been a dozen, at least, resignations over the past year. They would have facilitated just the action David talks about, but that didn't happen. Barry thinks he is so untouchable that he can keep this covered up regardless. And so far, with the help of the party that is stuck on stupid, he is managing to accomplish just what ht thinks is possible.

With a media in his hip pocket, with the Speaker choosing to remain silent and refusing to blow this wide open (at least until election time) Barry and his cronies are getting away with outright treason.

I believe 100% that our republic, the fate of her, rests on GunWalker. If everything stands as is, if all that comes of it is a political reording and reassignment of its actors, then our Constitutional republic really is dead. That only leads to one situation. That path has only one outcome. Civil War.

Why? Because Freemen will always exist and there will always be a portion of them who will take up arms to defend Liberty for themselves and their posterity.