Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Maybe it is time for him to get another job.” Bombs continue to fall on Holder Ridge. This latest one is a blockbuster. The Second Front is here.

I met the Daily Caller's Matthew Boyle when I went to DC for the 8 December hearing. He's young, 24, driven and very smart. He was the guy whose stories on the increasing cascade of congressional calls for resignation provoked Eric Holder into his paranoid episode.
“You guys need to — you need to stop this. It’s not an organic thing that’s just happening. You guys are behind it.”
Matthew was as proud as a frog eating fire that Darrell Issa used that now semi-iconic photo and quote as a backdrop for the 8 December opening questioning.
Well, if Holder didn't like that, he's sure not going to like this troika of Boyle stories today. This is what I was hinting at earlier in my post about the possible opening of a Second Front in the Gunwalker investigation. The Second Front is here.
First, comes this lovely line from Congressman Jason Chaffetz: “The Attorney General is always involved in very serious matters . . . It’s the nature of the job. If he can’t handle it and thinks it’s somehow based on something other than his performance, maybe it is time for him to get another job.”
Next, young Matthew brings us this: "RNC chairman promises to make Fast and Furious a 2012 election theme."
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus reiterated his call for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation on Wednesday, and promised Operation Fast and Furious will be an election issue in 2012. “Holder may want to point fingers and play the blame game, but as the Attorney General, he bears the responsibility,” Priebus told The Daily Caller. “It’s past time for the attorney general to come clean and take responsibility and if he doesn’t, he has a boss who should.” “Obama’s leadership deficit in holding the members of his administration accountable demonstrates yet again that the president is taking Washington in the wrong direction and only making things worse,” said Preibus. “If Obama won’t fire Holder, we will,” Priebus added. “We’ll fire the whole team in just 11 months.”
Ah, yes, the stone albatross of a dope-on-a-rope. Of course the Obamanoids knew that that was part of the equation when they backed Holder and embraced him, hair on fire and all. But this next story. . . this makes it even worse.
"Lieberman directs staff to investigate Fast and Furious coordination."
Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman has directed the staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, which he chairs, to investigate miscommunication between law enforcement agencies related to the Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious.
A spokesperson told The Daily Caller Wednesday that Lieberman “believe[s] that the lack of interagency coordination along the border merits further examination, and as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, he has directed his staff to follow up with the relevant federal agencies on that topic.”
OOOOOH. "Interagency coordination." Watch out Bobby, Janet and Hillary. Yer underwear is showing.
Worse for the Gunwalker Conspirators is that with the addition of Joe Lieberman to the sleuthing team, this has suddenly become a bi-partisan "witch hunt."
The Second Front has arrived, with hearings promised for the rest of the Obama presidency, however long that may be.
Field Marshal Erich von Holder.


Anonymous said...

Yes - finally something that looks like some action.

Anonymous said...

Is this a real second front or is Jo running some kind of inteference for the WH ?

Anonymous said...


Bwee-bwee-bwee-bwee-bweebweebweebweebwee FOOOOOOSSSSH...psssssshhhwwwwsssssshhhhhsssssshhhhhhhssshhhhh KA-FUCKING-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!

Ashrak said...

"...lack of interagency coordination"??


Guns making it across the border as part of a government operation, especially when we are talking about thousands of guns, can only happen when there IS "interagency coordination".

Try as they might, heck even as Joe might, there is no "accident" here, there is no "mistake" or even a lack of communication here.
What there is here comes down to this -

Barry and his crew employed a nefarious plot of "stimulus" for the anti gunner propaganda cabal. A direct, though underhanded, assault upon the Second Amendment, upon Liberty itself, was hatched in a cross border creation of chaos, mayhem and destruction. All of it aimed at curtailing a very special Liberty to the tune of clamping down upon it with more "under the radar" gun control legislation.

Enough of this seemingly never ending crapola out of the Washington Establishment hacks.
Barry, Eric, Janet, Robert, Hillary and all the rest are flat and cold busted. Like Jesse James palm is time to pay up sucka. Justice is due. Overdue.

As for Chair of the RNC setting this as a central theme in the election....well what a friggin shocker! Whodathunkit that the GOP Establishment would sit on this for a year in order to play politics with it......

Me thinks voters should see right through that tomfoolery, that kind of corruption, and extend the Jesse James hand to them as well.

Brian Terry, his family, along with the others so directly negatively affected deserve better than to be treated like political footballs. I am starting to wonder which is worse, the GunWalker Scandal and those who engaged in it or those who have intentionally slow played it (partially responsible for the cover up as a result, in order to play a political game with it.

Disgustingly ridiculous it all is.

Anonymous said...

I don't like nor do I trust Lieberman.
What may likely come of this is new legislation to expand the power of this can't happen again.


Anonymous said...

Of course she's still at DOJ. Her leaks damaged the Bush DOJ and the administration generally. Holder confirms her lies were products of the, left....state of mind. He's considering a promotion.


Issa needs to open the next session with von Holder with the song, "That's the sound of the men, working on the chain gang..."

Longbow said...

Don't let your giddiness run away with you. Joe Lieberman may be about to provide cover for the whole thing. I don't trust him anymore than the rest of them.

pete said...

The word "lack" suggested running interference to me.

Pvt.Joker said...

I agree with the observation the Joltin'Joe is launching a cover-up, or at least a diversion.
An interesting side issue to Brian Terry's murder is the idea of sending agents into an area of the border where rip crews are KNOWN to operate...with nothing more effective than a handgun.
For those of you who are unaware of correct firearms doctrine, and pistol is primarily useful for fighting your way back to your rifle.
To send agents up against the most violent of criminals with bean-bag firing shot-guns and pistols amounts to criminal negligence in it's own right.

Anonymous said...

Your hopes are in vain,People like Joe Lieberman and fellow Bonesman Lord John Kerry are not going to crucify a submissive bootlicker like Holder.

Anonymous said...

boyle has run a hate campaign for too long: it is a desperate failure. The loony right has proven beyond doubt, it doesn't care about the truth, or about improving things, but only getting the guy at the top. the stifled venomous outrage that a democrat is in power was driving the loons wild in the committee

if this were the first or only scheme, or that holder really did get to see every document and assess it fully, then there might be some point - but it would raise the question of why do the agencies emply anyone else?

seriously, get some reality, honesty and perspective - try to be a little bit American for once!