Monday, May 18, 2009

With a flaccid member in one hand and a laptop in the other.

rsr sends me this link about Snowflake, the Bitter Bitch and the NRA blogfest

I registered for this, with full intention of going, and the day they received David Codrea's and my registration, they abruptly stopped registering people and refused to confirm the auto-confirmation we both received. I wasted money rejoining the NRA in Indianapolis with the entire intention of going.

Some friends had offered to pay my expenses and I got confirmation from my heart doctor that I could fly. However, I was not going to waste other people's money to fly across the country just to be snubbed and frustrated in my purpose of trying to build bridges to some of the more studly and principled folks who currently identify with the pragmatist camp. There are things we could profitably work on together, if they would but venture a bit further from their carefully crafted safe cocoon.

David Codrea's analysis of this convention, found here, is dead on. The NRA and the Snowflakes of the world will, in the final analysis, be a tertiary consideration to the preservation of our liberties. Look, if they are so cowardly and cravenly that they cannot send me an email confirming they withdrew my confirmation, where are they going to get the guts to confront the Leviathan?

Cowards. Cowards all.


triptyx said...

Just one more reason the NRA will never see a dime of my money.

I'd rather invest it in ammo and supplies.

ReverendFranz said...

I still say you should have gone.

Fuckem and their little dinner that didnt have anything to do with the NRA or the second amendment.

Tex Long said...

Never joined NRA. Always looked like a honey pot to me - all that bs about "sport shooting" and "hunting" and whatnot. Purpose of NRA is twofold: (1) further propagandize obfuscated purpose of guns as toys rather than weapons; (2) attract and identify zealots. Your mileage may vary.

Kevin said...

You should have come. I have no doubt (and I'm perfectly serious about this) that you'd have been welcome and you'd have gotten media credentials just like the rest of us.

Your loss. I'm sure the CSM reporter would have loved an earful from you!

Bitter wins by default. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?

straightarrow said...

Oh yeah, over at uncle's I had a one-sided conversation about that very thing. Can't wait until they piss on uncle. They will.

until then, he conducts himself as a child and just sticks his tongue out when he hears or reads something that doesn't make him feel all "goody goody".

Oh, that conversation was one-sided because he never addressed on Goddamned thing I brought up, just skirted around them then said stupid shit.

Prags are such a fucking waste of skin. Hope he reads here. He is just dumb enough to think he won the debate he refused to engage. Just wanted him to know, I just walked away because I don't usually hurt the impaired.

Anonymous said...

Curious.... who is more the coward: the Person A who snubbed/ignored/insulted Person B, or Person B for not going to something out of fear of rejection?