Saturday, May 16, 2009

I will be at the Birmingham gun show this weekend.

Table in the back. Look for the Sipsey Street sign. And the fat old man with a cane under it.

And yes, children, I'll take my laptop so I can work on the book.


idahobob said...

So you "can" work on the book, or that you "will" work on the book?
Isn't that like difference between "trying" and "doing"?


Just kidding Mike, enjoy yourself at the show!


Weaver said...

Ya know Mike, we all need a day off once in a while. Leave the laptop. That way you can carry more ammo when you leave.


Chaplain Tim said...

Weaver, you've got it backwards. He needs to finish the book so we can all send him money to give him the resources to buy more ammo.
At the rate prices have been going up on ammo lately (saw some average .22LR priced at $30 a brick at a gun show today), he's going to need to finish it pretty damn soon or he won't be able to get much. Magtech .45ACP is going for $25 a box- that's just ridiculous. Surplus 30-06 on Garand clips, $50 per bandolier of 48 rounds. Cast lead bullets that I bought three years ago for $18/500 (.45ACP, 230gr RN) are now $45/500- same vendor. Nobody had rifle or pistol primers, brass was scarce and pricey, and I saw more accessories than guns moving out the door. Things aren't getting any better yet.


MPA dragon said...

crapola! If it was NEXT weekend, I might have been able to swing by and say howdy.

Oh well, enjoy the funshow!

ScottJ said...

I forgot to look for the blasted street sign. I was hoping to shake your hand and introduce myself in person.

I did find some primers going at $50 per 1,000 or $5 per 100. I bought $15 worth of large pistol because that's what I'm lowest on.

My buying power was limited because SWMBO had me limited since I just spent $400 on collection expansion. That had me kind of glum and keeping my 3 year old in check was holding what attention wasn't spent on the tables. Hence I didn't think to look for MBV.

And, Ranamacar, if you find .45 prices offensive you should have seen .380 at this show. $35 on average for 50 rounds of ball and about the same for 25 of any premium hollowpoint. Thankfully my brother and I accomplished our goal this weekend of getting my turret press rocking and rolling on .380.

ParaPacem said...

Well - I fianlly got the meet The Man at the gun show. I was outside of the building asking if anyone knew "Mike V" and a guy pointed me right to him!
I WAS surprised that he had a long shaggy beard and wore clothing stained with food and smelling of urine, and I must say when he asked to borrow fifty bucks to buy Pampers for his baby, I was surprised but happy to help out.
He must have been in a hurry, as he staggered off very quickly under the parking decks.

Actually - I did meet Mike face to face and it was a high point in my day. For those who have not yet met him he is even more bright, articulate and personable than you may have gathered from his writing - a gentleman as well as a thinking man's warrior. It was an honor to meet him and I look forward to the next time.