Thursday, May 21, 2009

For those who wish to read the details of the bashed blogbash's self-bashing bashers.

flacmonkey provides:

Google Cache to the rescue.

Too bad all the comments didn't get saved. They were priceless.


David Codrea said...

One revealing comment that should be preserved was this one from the self-named Bitter Bitch:

Or cats should not to register in the first place. Human beings who have a sense of decency are, however, welcome to register.

j said...

For some reason as I read the self-pitying wimpitude, I kept having flashbacks of that mind boggling video of the guy(?) named Chris, wailing,
"Leeeave Britney aloooo-one!!"


blighted karma

Anonymous said...

I can smell the butthurt.

straightarrow said...

I hit the link and then realized it took me to the snowflake's website. I immediately left because he is scared shitless of me I and I am not heartless. I once threatened him to conversation. No kidding, ask him.

After my terroristic threat of conversation he banned me from his site. So, I have no real facts as to what happened, but I would bet I can make a pretty good guesstimate, but why bother? He is useless as tits on a jeep, so I'll either have to forego the data or find it posted by someone I trust, while not being routed to his site. Would want him to get a stress induced yeast infection. I am not heartless, though I must suppose a fearsome conversationalist.