Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Crosshair Evaluation". Another Vanderboegh golden oldie


I was doing some research in old floppy disks tonight and came up with this portion of an email from October 1996 wherein I addressed an avowed 'Net-Nazi on the subject of Nazis and Marxists being "kissin' cousins."


I rather think that racist terrorists and/or Marxists have nothing to do with American Constitutional militiafolks, except that they are avowed enemies of the Constitution and thus legitimate subjects for our "crosshair evaluation".

(Crosshair evaluation, to the uninitiated, is what you do when a potential enemy approaches you on the battlefield and you're not sure if his intentions are to harm you or to peaceably surrender. Pass 'em if they're peaceable, kill 'em if they're not.)


Weaver said...

I think for the most part, "evaluation" is done. By that I mean we know who America's enemies are.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the first review here of the Churchill book (To Shake Their Guns In the Tyrant's Face,) and came upon this.

One stellar discussion of the kinship can be found in the interrogation chapter of Vasily Grossman's Life And Fate

Don't recall the chapter number, alas, and it is a long novel. Written in the early 1960s (or late 1950s) he submitted it to the apparachiks for publication in the supposed "thaw" at that time.
The NKVD confiscated his mss. and the typewriter ribbons and anything else they could find. One copy did survive, which he had placed for safe keeping elsewhere.