Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"This is how the BATFE keeps us safe."

Go here and read Kurt Hoffman's latest Gun Examiner column. You should bookmark both his and David Codrea's Examiner columns. Heck, almost ALL the Gun Examiners are doing a great job informing us. So go and read: "This is how the BATFE keeps us safe."


idahobob said...

Mmmmmm.... I just get soooo warm and fuzzy all over, just knowing that the kiddies at "F" Troop are keeping me protected from all of these evil and "illegal" guns. I can sleep so well at night now.



Anonymous said...

The BATFU apparently thinks that if someone adds an additional stock to a pistol, he/she has just committed a far worse crime than a child rapist or serial killer.

The BATFU is nothing but a Nazi gang masquerading as a "government agency".

Fuck them.

Defender said...

A "rogue" agency for over 70 years. Think about it. People have been born and died under their "authoritay." Congress says "O-Tay."
F--- all of them.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the Weaver Stance is illegal? After all, you're using two hands to hold the pistol. What a bunch of losers! A pox upon all their houses!

tom said...

I use the 42 and 52 Round Virgil Tripp magazines on MY Keltec PLR-16 as a virtual forward grip to avoid registering it as an AOW. It actually works better to use it "forward tensioned sling/isometrics MP-5 style" and use the tacti-cool fore-end though. In case anybody is in the market to own one. Pretty good tack drivers for the money.

Got a red dot and holos for it (well not just for it, I have some around that all fit rails) too but the 4X works better for Coyote Patrol for me, anyway.

S.O.T. manufacturer acquaintance of mine put a vertical forward grip on his and we both liked it less set up that way than the way mine is set up.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Wow--thanks for the link, Mike. Much appreciated.