Monday, May 11, 2009

From Stewart Rhodes, A Call to "Shout Our Oaths In The Tyrant's Face."

From over at Oath-Keepers, Stewart Rhodes begins to beat the muster drum for 13 June on the Mall in DC. Make ready.


Join us on the Mall in Washington D.C. on June 13, 2009 as we Oath Keepers "muster on the mall" at the invitation of Gathering of Eagles and

The time has come for all of you - whether military, police, or veterans - who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution to take a stand and let your voices be heard, right there on the Mall in Washington D.C. on June 13, to let the oath breakers of both political parties know that you will keep your oath in defense of our constitutional republic.


And if you are a citizen who has not yet sworn such an oath to defend the Constitution but would like to, now is your chance to take that oath right there in Washington D.C., standing beside fellow patriots who are active duty, reserves, National Guard, police, and veterans.

Oath Keepers was invited to attend this June 13 "VI-DAY CELEBRATION" in support of the troops by former Navy SEAL Capt. Larry Bailey, Chairman of Gathering of Eagles. As part of our outreach effort to current serving military, police, and veterans, Oath Keepers will have a tent on the mall and Oath Keepers' founder Stewart Rhodes will be one of the speakers at the rally. Oath Keepers will also be sharing our tent with the good folks at the Appleseed Project, an all-volunteer effort to teach both marksmanship and heritage.


Just as was done at the Knoxville Tennessee Tea Party and again at the April 19 gathering at Lexington Green, Oath Keepers will be conducting an oath reaffirmation and oath taking ceremony at the June 13 rally in Washington D.C.

Here is a video of the oath ceremony at the Knoxville Tea Party, where approximately 4,000 people swore the oath:

And here is a video of the oath ceremony at Lexington Green on April 19, 2009 where active duty military, police, veterans and patriotic citizens stood together on that sacred ground and swore the oath, which was administered by retired Navy SEAL Capt. Larry Bailey:

Now, imagine what it will be like when you stand among tens of thousands of your fellow Americans - military, police, veterans, and citizens - all demonstrating together your resolve to return this country to its heritage as a limited-government republic. Just how many will be there? Well, that depends on you. The last Gathering of Eagles sponsored rally was attended by over 30,000 people, but if you do your part, we could have as many as 100,000 standing on the Mall, taking that stand and swearing that oath.

Stand with us, and "shout your oath in the tyrant's face" by telling your public servants of both parties that you will not only disobey, but actively oppose all of the Ten Orders We Will Not Obey.

Show the authoritarians and oath breakers of both parties and every government agency that you have the courage to stand up in public and tell them each:


ADDITIONAL OATH KEEPERS MEETING ON JUNE 14, 2009. Oath Keepers will also meet the day after the rally, on June 14, somewhere in the D.C. area for additional speakers and a working lunch - and you are more than welcome to attend that additional event if you can (please RSVP by emailing us at Details on that additional meeting will be forthcoming.


We still have a relatively strong First Amendment to protect our right to assembly, free association, free speech, and our right to petition our government for a redress of grievances, and we need to use that powerful tool of peaceful revolution and restoration now while we still can. It's time to turn the tide. It's time to stand on the mall in DC and "shout our oaths in the tyrant's face."

We are now in a perilous time for our nation. We see a concerted, relentless effort to marginalize, smear, and silence us. First, we saw the dispicable DHS report that smeared veterans as potential terrorists. And now, with the latest DHS smear document, the Domestic Extremism Lexicon, labelling "constitutionalists" and "patriots" as extremists (which means the same thing as "terrorists"), it is clear that if you dare to support the Constitution, and dare to quote the founding fathers of this nation, and take the Constitution seriously, then you will be considered an "extremist" and a threat to the powers that be among the political elite.

This is the tactic used by all governments that turn oppressive: use vague, broad brushed labeling of people as "enemies of the state" to marginalize them and increase the artificial divide between the people and the police and military, and then use that labeling and marginalization to make people afraid to speak up, to chill their speech, and silence them out of fear of being singled out for persecution. The DHS reports are such broad smears that they basically boil down to "anyone who doesn't agree with us is a potential terrorist."

The final stage of persecution is to actually apply all the powers of the state against anyone who does dare to speak out, arresting them on trumped up charges of terrorism, for example. We are still in the smear and marginalization stage, and are also beginning the chilling of speech stage, but we can see where this is headed.

But as these veterans point out in their videos, the DHS smears of veterans, constitutionalists and patriots is backfiring just as badly as Obama's suggestion that disabled and injured veterans pay for their own medical care. Nothing is waking up the people, and especially the veterans, like these leaked government "reports." This is not Germany, the USSR, or communist China. This is America, and attempts to chill our speech and marginalize us only make us stronger and more resolved to speak out.

And speak out is exactly what we will do on the DC Mall on June 13, 2009. Guardians of the Republic, join us on the mall and shout your oath in the tyrant's face!

See you there.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers


Oath Keepers is growing FAST, but like General Patton, we are outpacing our own supply lines. Your donations are "fuel" for our advance! And your contributions will help get the Oath Keepers crew to the June 13 rally in D.C. and will help fund our special meeting on June 14.

The Wounded Drummer Boy


Gregg said...

I pray to God that this does not end up like the Bonus Army.

Anonymous said...

Re: Gregg

No it won't. I have 100 percent confidence. There will be media around too. And we will present ourselves to the entire world in the most professional fashion.

The seeds of liberty must be sown, not just here, but other countries too.
George Orwell didn't write 1984 for no reason.

Weaver said...

I pray to God that this does not end up like the Bonus Army."
I don't think even this administration is that stupid but I guess we should be prepared for anything at any time. My guess is they will come up with some reason why the mall cannot be used on that day. At the very least we can show this country what type of folks we are by leaving the mall as we found it, instead of trashed like that last group that used the mall. What was that group anyway, oh yeah, the democrats at whats-his-names Inauguration.