Friday, May 22, 2009

A Reminder from Raven's Wood about Threeper Patches.

As of today, we still have both Woodland and 3 Color Desert available.

$4/patch, post paid; for ordering information, email

As a reminder, USPS money orders, certified or cashier's checks process immediately; orders with personal or company checks are held until cleared.

Raven's Wood Enteprises, LLC


RWE-III said...

Mailing instructions are on the "Ordering Info" page of the Raven's Wood web site.

In case you have difficulty, send your orders to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 962
Birmingham, Michigan 48012

ParaPacem said...

Just as an FYI - I got my patches a while back and they are absolutely top-notch in quality and appearance, and the price is more than reasonable. They are a good size, as well, and on a jacket, fit nicely on breast or shoulder. ( I use the E-6000 adhesive gel to attach mine and it is pretty much indestructible)

Anyway - I just wanted to let anyone know, who might have wondered, that they are well done in every way.

sofa said...

There is a need for 10 percenters to identify themselves also.

Building on the 'III' for 3... Propose an X (roman numeral 10) as a window decal, or engraved in stone at the entrance to a property. So the 3's know there is a bed, warm food, and resupply.

And, what about XX for those who cannot provide material support, but favor the cause, and would provide moral support?

Polo shirt logos, decals, bumper stickers, clothing lines could be grown along these lines as fund raisers. Groups of folks wearing X ball caps would be great (and confuse TOTUS). And drinking Dos Equis wouldn't be all bad.

pdxr13 said...

"copia materia pro libertas" X 10%-ers.

Hooh-rah, supply.

Scroungers, recyclers, repairers, gardeners, canners, gleaners need apply. Box-kickers,inspectors, scale-monkeys, packers, and camouflagers needed.


Anonymous said...

III here... eyes wide open, hands ready to be sent back to tasks that my mind has forgotten.

I also concur that the 10% should be identifiable in some manner. It would make life easier if push comes to shove.