Thursday, May 21, 2009

I will speak no more of it, forever. -- "The Agony of St. Sebastian, Martyr."

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce famously said, "I will fight no more forever!" Sebastian, after deleting his weepy kick-the-dog post of everything that went wrong at his prag bash, now writes he will speak no more of it forever. He blames his hissy on sleep deprivation:

Post From Yesterday
Posted by: Sebastian on May 21st, 2009
Yesterday I put up a post that I believe is below the standards I usually try to seek for this blog, and that I now regret posting at all. Understand that Bitter and I put a lot of work into the Blog Bash. We get very little sleep while the event is going on. That has effects on perceptions and judgment, and I believe we picked a battle that was entirely unnecessary to fight. Prior to Phoenix, we were rethinking what, if anything, was going to happen in Charlotte. This whole sad thing has made me more determined that there needs to be serious changes to the event, if it needs to happen at all.

This is the last I will mention this incident, and my readers can consider this an apology for subjecting them to a drama they had nothing to do with, and was entirely unnecessary for them to read at all. I have removed the post, and will speak no more of it.

Now I did not save the post he deleted in electronic form. I DID print it out. I am NOT going to waste time transcribing it, Too much time has been wasted on answering these eternal non-combatants' lies and sneers already. David Codrea, in an email to me, rightly declined to respond publicly to this latest example of the Sebastian-Bitter Bitch-domestic-dynamic played out in public, laughingly referring to "The Agony of St. Sebastian, Martyr."

"Sebastian Agonistes"
One allegation in Sebastian's crying jag does need answering.

"NRA does not exclude members from the Annual Meeting. If Mike really is a member, he would have been welcome to come."

Between him and Bitter's comments there were other insults to David and me, but let's settle this deliberate canard once and for all.

Here is the receipt from when I rejoined the NRA back at the Indy 1500 gun show, with the express purpose of going to the blogbash. I would show you the bright, shiny new membership card they sent me but I don't have a scanner. As it is, I'll save it for public burning the next time the NRA sells out our Second Amendment rights. I won't have to wait long.

There are no doubt pragmatists worth talking to face-to-face to work out issues of common ground and opportunities for joint action. Such cowardly, self-absorbed, whining noncombatants are not.

Sebastian and Bitter's public self-destruction has the same dynamic of, but less public interest than, a child's bicycle wreck. "Aw, did you fall down and go boom? Show us your ouchie, little Snowy."

Back to Absolved. And the real fights to come.


Kevin said...

I KNEW you'd enjoy that! ;-)

j said...

Do people still actually READ that blog? I'm serious.
If you were REALLY NRA members????
Maybe you need to show them the imbedded microchip in your wrist or the bar code on your forehead?

From the dialogue that was quoted it did NOT sound like the purpose was to introduce bloggers to the NRA and vice versa... it actually sounded more like the conversation one would hear at a frat-house gathering of 20-something stoners who had blown a weekend out and were struggling at 10 a.m. Monday to form coherent sentences.
"Ow, wow, mman, like the cookies, y'know, the cookies, like were you know, man, like stale... and wow, can ya dig a bathrobe and a BJ? "

You & Dave need to be thankful you did NOT go... you might have ended up going so berserk that you clawed out your own eyes and ripped off your ears, from the dimwit overloads.

thedweeze said...


For those of you just tuning in, this is the third time in ten months that Our Dear Sebastian has voluntarily shot himself in the foot.

Someone should tell him that there are easier ways to attract visitors. On second thought, please don't: this stuff is just too entertaining. :)

straightarrow said...

I don't know where you get the "third time", dweeze. He shoots himself in the foot every time he pretends to be a man.

CorbinKale said...

Looks like the Speaker has adopted the same position. Nancy-boy? Nah... too easy.

Peter said...

I misspoke, SA; it's been four.
1. The Vanderboegh LTE.
2. A Threeper bashing comment at the end of a posting.
3. The 2ABB Cone of Silence.
4. The podcast controversy.

And perhaps 'shooting himself in the foot' isn't as accurate as 'deliberatley trying to incite something to demonstrate just how cool he is, and we aren't'.
I understand you're a bit, um, peeved with the two of them, but try to be fair, or barring that, try to assume the high ground. These are unforced errors, and he deserves what he gets when he does so. As for the rest, he does seem to be doing good, at least in Pennsylvania, so leave him to it.

straightarrow said...

Ah, but Peter, I am being fair. I have yet to accuse him of anything he hasn't done. Including being a man.

No, I am not peeved at him. I am embarrassed by him. It embarrasses me that he is considered in same phylum. I am disgusted by him and his henhouse ways, but peeved? No.