Thursday, May 28, 2009

Machine guns in Alabama creeks, barreled AR15 uppers and ammo in Texas dumpsters & one EXPENSIVE case of pulchritude.

Howard Nemerov reports here that eight barreled AR15 receivers, 1600 rounds of 5.56 and about 1000 rounds of miscellaneous pistol ammunition were found in an Austin dumpster AND SOMEBODY CALLED THE COPS!!!!!

Remember the Jap machineguns in a Bibb County, Alabama creek? Why can't this ever happen to ME????

But I can make an educated guess about how those barreled receivers and ammo got into that dumpster.

Let us join Mr. Peabody and Sherman in the Wayback Machine and journey back to the year 1971. The place is Marion, Ohio. I get a call from a high school buddy who is now a municipal garbageman:

"Hey, Mike, you gotta see something."


"No, I can't tell you, you just gotta SEE it."

"OK, where is IT?"

"Meet me at the Frisch's."

Meaning the Frisch's Big Boy drive in, where we burned many a gallon of gas trying to attract (largely unsuccessfully) the attention of what passed for young Buckeye pulchritude a mere two years earlier.

Fifteen minutes later, I am there. He is parked all the way over on the far side of the lot in the middle of the day. No one is around.

Wordlessly, he opens his trunk lid.

It is packed with firearms. Pistols (I remember a mint WWI M1911 that Alvin York could have carried), scoped deer rifles, shotguns, an M1 Garand, a couple of carbines, more than thirty weapons all told.

"What the hell . . .?"

"We picked them up over on Harding Memorial Parkway," (where all the ritzy homes in Marion were in those days) he explained. "There were four garbage cans packed with guns and we split 'em up between the three of us."

"They threw them away?!?!?"

"Yeah, we went up to the door to tell 'em that they couldn't throwaway guns in the trash and this lady says, 'OK, fine, I'll give 'em to you if you want 'em.' So we took 'em. We split 'em up and took 'em. There was about a hundred of 'em. She told us they were her husband's and he just ran off with another woman. Said she guessed if he left her, he must of left his guns too."

"Can I have one?" I ventured to ask.

"Got any money?"

"No," I said disconsolately.

"Sorry, man, go find your own."

True story.

That is when I first learned the truth of the statement, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." I don't know what motivated that guy to run off with another woman, but that was one expensive case of pulchritude.

A Warning to Young Men on Thinking With the Wrong Head: The Dangers of Pulchritude.


the pistolero said...

Now that sucks. I tried Frisch's when I was in Louisville, Kentucky last year and really liked it, though. Did they have the burger with tartar sauce back then, too?

ParaPacem said...

Well... my two thoughts on it are:
One - regarding your 'friend'... screw him. What kind of guy comes into good fortune and then turns away a friend, when helping that friend would cost nothing?

Two - if, today, I found a cache of weapons and / or ammo, my first thought would be - OK, where are the cameras, microphones or bugs, 'cuz I know this is a BAT-FU sting....

ParaPacem said...

PS - the guy who ran off and left his guns? Well... he later married the one for whom he had forsaken family, home and ordnance... and the young charmer's name ? Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So now you know... the rest... of the story.

chris horton said...

Hell, when I left wife number 1 Two Decades ago,my Guns and ammo where the only things that went with me. (and my clothes.)


Sean said...

A "shit or go blind" moment.

Sean said...

And come to think of it, that thing with the skirt in the drawing looks like my ex. How she looked on a good day. But she had an excuse, a house fell on her sister. Don't believe me? Ask the captain of the flying monkeys.

ScottJ said...

"Can I have one?" I ventured to ask.

"Got any money?"

"No," I said disconsolately.

"Sorry, man, go find your own."
Dang. I hope you've managed to pick up a better class of friends over the years.

Vanderboegh said...

Chris sez: "Hell, when I left wife number 1 Two Decades ago,my Guns and ammo where the only things that went with me. (and my clothes.)"

Well, it's a good thing you brought your clothes. A naked man with a firearm tends to attract attention.

Anonymous said...

How many "finds" like this are never reported to anyone?

For a dumpster diver/recycler, this would be quite a score, even if the individual didn't have any knowledge or use for firearms personally. Even if the DD was a "prohibited person", there were no complete weapons in the bin, thus no F-Troop risk beyond trespassing or unlawful removal (if the dumpster was locked?).

The rules are "load fast, sort later" and "get as much as will fit", then go back for more.

I find "stuff" all the time that are unknown origin and unknown parts, but anything made of complex metal parts is worth getting. One trip to a gun show is enough to make a gun parts dealer out of a metal scrapper!


Steve K said...

"when I left wife number 1 Two Decades ago,my Guns and ammo where the only things that went with me. (and my clothes)"

I also hope you got your truck/car/motorcycle and dog. Because if you didn't then my heart breaks for you. Because a man can live without many things in life, but his gun, vehicle and dog are something sacred.

Anonymous said...

Why can't something like this ever happen to me??!!
And who was the dumb shit who just HAD to call the cops!!
Ohhhh!! My aching head! Even Homer Simpson wouldn't do that. Mere words cannot express my feelings on this. . . .

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

It hurts so much when I read this. Why can't these weapons have found their way to the PROPER hands. Why do they have to fall into the filthy claws of the collectivist?

Same thing with the WWII stuff in a creek a couple of months back.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE "Can I have one?" I ventured to ask.

"Got any money?"

"No," I said disconsolately.

"Sorry, man, go find your own." QUOTE

What the hell kind of "friend" is THAT???

Imagine if this is 1941 and you are a hard-fighting member of an anti-Nazi resistance group. If that guy was on your squad, he would rat you out to the Jerries at the slightest hint of capture, or he would do nothing to help you if you were in distress.

I hope you ended your friendship with that fellow, Mike.

pdxr13 said...

The correct answer to QUOTE "Can I have one?" is "What do you need?".

The appropriate item is picked out of the pile and a delivery is arranged.

He's gonna get paid, sooner or later. Cash, desirable goods, or favors are on the next truck.

We all can use more quietly armed friends who owe us a little something.