Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sipsey Street Irregular Road Show Itinerary Change

"The Line" at Knob Creek, Kentucky

We were going to be at the Indy 1500 show next weekend. We have had to change that because of circumstances attendant to the completion of the book. We WILL be at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot the first weekend of April. See ya there.


Knob Creek Gun Range
690 Ritchey Lane
West Point, KY 40177
1 mile off Dixie Highway on Highway 44
Phone: 502-922-4457



Anonymous said...


I wish I can come and breathe some fresh country air. Unfortunately I am stuck here having to ride the subway day and night and listen to people whine and cuss and complain LOL

I can see at least 1 MG-42 in that pic, and something that looks like a BAR in the foreground but with a MG-42 stock. Knob Creek IS paradise for all freedom lovers and gun enthusiasts. I've seen an online vid of a machine gun shoot several years back AT NIGHT. Now that puts the best commercial fireworks to cryin' shame!

Enjoy your trip there! Most of all, take care of your heart and health. I might be able to make a pilgrimage to Knob Creek next year.

Michael Jarrell said...

Too bad you're going to miss the 1500. I was looking forward to seeing you guys again. Maybe you'll be at the next one, with a table full of books.

ParaPacem said...

Glad you're getting the work done! If you wander out to the local shoe here, maybe I'll run into you. I'm just going to look for ammo, mainly.

Crustyrusty said...

And of course, since Crusty works weekends, he gets to miss the fun... :p

Anonymous said...

I doubt Knob Creek is going to be as festive this year as it was previously, due to the severe and ongoing ammunition shortages and attendant cost increases.

The full mag dumps I did out of my own semi-auto guns just three years ago are now but a fond memory.

Too bad I can't go back in time and tell my younger self to chill out and stop dumping that surplus 7.62 into a dirt berm!

tom said...

Good year for 9mm and .22LR NFA toys, aye? Even if you can't afford to shoot much it's still a fun place to hang out, trade, and meet interesting people.

TimeHasCome said...

Hello Mike , I just wanted to give your readers the latest trend in indoor gun ranges . They are now franchised like you would a McDonalds . We have helped build three so far and many more on the way . These are high end gun ranges that from the outside would appear to look more like a CVC or Walgreens. They are called MATCH houses (Modular Armored Tactical Combat House) They use man sized targets and have tactical lines at 3 yards , 11, yards and 25 yards . They have high end air filter and particulate exchange , kevlar lined panels and baffles and complete lead bullet conveyor recovery system. These are set up for booth rifle and pistol .On the second floor is a gun store. What is really interesting is the high end neighborhoods they are going in. Because these are gun clubs not necessarily gun ranges the financing is more like a club where you buy a membership.
This is not your grandfathers gun range and it is certainly a interesting trend to watch.