Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nosmo freaks out and takes me to task.


Nosmo has taken me to task for using the above illustration, untitled and unattributed at the end of my post below, Spaceballs: As If We Don't Have Enough To Worry About.

Here is his criticism. My reply follows.

Nosmo has left a new comment on your post "As if we don't have enough to worry about, now its...":

Scott said:I like how you slipped in that GeoStar photo ... without caption or comment. Clearly illustrates your whole post in one photo.
Well done.

March 26, 2009 11:48 PM

Well done?

Does using a fake photo really add to your street cred?

If you get taken in by internet hoaxes like that photo, how much more of your information is questionable?

The truth is out there, take the time and research it, it may not be as fatalist or as "hard hitting" nor produce the sense of urgency that you wish to instill on us.
But You MUST take great pains to be factual, or you are no better than the liars in Government and media that you decry.

I look at the messages with a jaundiced eye, I look at the credibility of the messengers and ask Que Bono?

Are you any different from the Montana Militia snake oil salesmen of the 90'S? Are you a just a well spoken Judas Goat? You claim to be the real deal, yet you publish stuff like this which just detracts from the accompanying message.

Are you helping or hurting America, and who's view of America benefits the most from your apparent candor?

I visit sites looking for factual information, not for echo chamber opinion. If I want that I can hang out at the counter of the local gunshop and hear all the rumors and urban legends I care to hear. You write a good yarn, but is it pure fantasy? Have the praxes been tested? are they real? or is they Tactical Tommy day dreaming?

Give us the real gouge, and you will be serving our country far better than the fictional fatalism that is common on most practical sites.
Don't become one of those sites.

Uh, I don't think I'm in danger of being mistaken for either Alex Jones or Mark Koernke here. I did not know that the photo was fake when I used it, but as usual one of my sharp-eyed readers spotted it. Quoth TJP:

There's really not a whole lot anyone can do about something like this, save for the short term.

That picture is fake, by the way.

The real ones can be found here:

As I must enable each and every comment, I posted this as well. I wasn't trying to pull off a slick one, Nosmo. I figured that posting TJP's comment was enough to set the record straight. Since the article is all conjecture anyway, using a faked photo to illustrate it is hardly a mortal sin, even had I known it was a photoshop.

Extrapolating from there to cast doubt on my Praxis articles or compare me to the MOM is a long reach. You could also have criticized this one from the same article

on the theory that there is no real Dark Helmet nor, for that matter, a John Candy space dog.

If I must take the time to put disclaimers on all my illustrations, this is how it would work for a recent one:

How "Cold Fusion" Takes Place: SPLC Stooges Write a "Militia Intelligence Report." (Sorry, we couldn't show private parts, this is a family-friendly blog.)

DISCLAIMER: Warning! "Cold Fusion" is a scientific theory and has not been demonstrated to be real. Warning! These are not real stooges of the Southern Poverty Law Center, but are in fact a fictional comedy troup from the mid-20th Century known as The Three Stooges. Warning! These characters are not writing a militia intelligence report but are in fact pretending to be incompetents washing clothes using an old-fashioned machine. Warning! The great island nation of Grenada does not sanction this blog, nor the use of the photo above.

Nosmo, take a breath. Really. Through your mouth, slow and easy. In and out. Quit hyperventilating. You'll feel better. Anybody got a paper bag?


triptyx said...

What?!?! Spaceballs isn't real!?!?! This is an outrage! I'm completely disenfranchised from the entire threeper community now!

hehe, I knew the lights out pic was fake, but also knew it was being used as an illustrative narrative, not as a fact when used. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see it either, until this post. The inky pitch-black in the northeast corner does look kinda weird.

But I remember that day as clearly as if that was yesterday. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING in NYC had power. I saw stars in the night sky WITHIN THE CITY for the first time. They were sickly yellow due to the smog and haze, but still, it was still a splendid sight, and the light of the full moon in it's full honor reflecting off the darkened skyscrapers was almost surreal. It was like being inside a Salvador Dali painting, an eerie bluish light glinting off of hundred-foot tall swords sprouting from the ground skyward.

Anonymous said...

As for the content of this site: I can say that NOTHING else lives up to it in terms of accuracy, truthfulness, and logical thinking. NOTHING ELSE, except Mr. Codrea's, Mr. Hortons', Western Rifle Shooters, Gun Rights Examiner, and the other libertarian sites.

One reason I don't even watch TV anymore is that most of the stuff on there is just plain bull excrement, dabbed with a nice, sufficient tincture of globalist propaganda opium.

Nosmo: Calm down friend, the picture is nothing to have a fit over. We are all human and we are not immune from making mistakes.

CorbinKale said...

One good thing came of it. Now you know Nosmo's personality a bit better. My first wife was like that. :)

Anonymous said...

well.... crap! If there ain't no John Candy Space Dogs, I'm getting out of this whole deal... nothing else matters.
Hand me my travelling keffiyah!

rexxhead said...

Shows how observant I am...

In 2003 I was in Florida, so that blackout didn't affect me. I looked at the photo and just assumed it was the '65 blackout (that actually did affect me).