Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anecdotes from the Great Obama Firearm & Ammo Rush

Typical gun store display wall these days.

Stopped by my local WalMart tonight after my daughter Zoe's soccer game. (She scored three goals in the first half. The other team scored four, three in the second half. Thereby proving there is no advantage that we cannot give away with both hands. Oy veh.)

Anyway, I stopped by the sporting goods counter and noticed that they had apparently been restocked on some calibers and had sold almost out again within the past 24 hours. This is what the counter guy told me:

They are getting some calibers in, but not every day and whenever they do get some in it almost always sells out within a few hours. If you want any, he told me, you have to be there at 0700 when the stuff arrives in the department. There usually are a number of buzzards already circling, waiting for the pallet to be rolled out so it can be picked clean.

Yesterday, he had a guy come in with the early birds and buy $2,200.00 in one purchase: .223, .45ACP, 40 S&W, 9mm, and .380. Guy told him he would be back until he built up his cache to 10,000 rounds or so.

Thus does the Great Obama Firearm and Ammo Rush continue.


Melissa "Darla" In Texas said...

Things are like that all over the country right now. I live in Austin, Texas and ammo can barely be found.
I have discovered some great sites for mail ordering. Our local WalMart does not carry ANY ammo, so we are forced to go elsewhere, like Academy or Cabela's and timing is everything on finding it at those stores!

rexxhead said...

Does the sign over that empty wall display say "Battle Ri..." ?

CCK said...

Thats at Scottsdale Gun Club. And yes it is the battle rifles section.

jon said...

rexxhead, it damn well better, for what you are gazing upon at the bottom of that photograph appears to be the fulton armoy M14/M1A SOPMOD.

Anonymous said...

Man, it's getting hard finding the defense/HP-type ammo, at any price. I'm still having luck finding 124gr and 147gr 9mm hardball, so I'm bringing that in as fast as my finances allow. This is nuts(!), but completely reasonable when you look at the state of things.

Tom Austin said...

And God forbid you shoot something even slightly off-beat.

I scored a box of 20-gauge slugs at Wally World on Monday - it made my day. 20-Gauge slug & buck is harder to find than .308 battle packs.

My deer rifle is .303 British. It just isn't anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Some may think I'm a "bad guy" for this but I'm not worrying about stocking up on 'hard-ball' type ammo.

I didn't sign any Geneva Convention papers any more than I agreed to allow a bunch of Marxists to take over my country. At my age I probably won't have to shoot any of them but if it does become neccesary they'll get the same stuff I'd use on an elk. I have a lot of that....

tom said...

Me and most of my friends are pretty well fixed and have been since about Clinton being elected.

In case of emergency
I have lots of brass, powder, primers, molds and lead / lead wheel weights but the primer availability issue is still worrying.

When it comes down to it though, in the final reckoning, .223, .308, and 9mm will be free if something goes horridly wrong in this country. To a lesser extent .40 and .357 will be as well.

Anonymous said...

So Tom, do you mean that it will be free if you have the 'nerve' to go get that ammo, right?

JC Bystrom