Monday, March 16, 2009

Latest Love Notes From the Limpdick Pink Swastika Set: Not That ADL, SPLC or MIAC Will Admit It.

Definition from the Online Slang Dictionary.



A coward of either gender, as in, "Crash is a real limpdick."

Submitted by J. Rogers, Birmingham, AL, USA, Apr 12 1998.

Now I don't know "J. Rogers," but I thought of his definition when I pulled this out of my post office box.
Now THIS is "limpdick."

Thus do the neoNazis once again demonstrate that they fail to comprehend the difference between actual sex and hallucinatory masturbation.

I mean, if they were going to kill me, they would just do it, right? I am reminded of the moron Kluxer (or maybe it was an ATF agent -- same difference, right 'Good-O-Boy?') back in the 90s who called me up at midnight to threaten my life on a phone line that was under federal court-ordered wiretap. Only racist collectivists are this stupid.

Well, what can I say? The "I-can't-get-a-date-with-an-ugly-woman-so-I'm-going-to-be-an-excrement-for-brains-follower-of-a-dead-Austrian-male-prostitute-and-mass-murderer-who's-burning-brightly-in-Hell-at-the-moment" crowd sent me some love notes to my post office box, along with another neoNazi wet dream novel that describes, a la The Turner Diaries, what's going to happen to my kind when they take power. Among the other literature they sent me was a leaflet entitled:

"WHIGGER! ACT YOUR COLOR!" Uh, huh. You get the idea, so I'm not going to copy the text here. The leaflet ends, "Hail Victory! White Power!" They also sent me a helpful reference card in case I want to look up the latest posts on "Jewish Freemasonry" on the Internet. Hey, stop laughing, I'm not making this up.

"Nazis. I hate these guys." -- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Best biography of the Austrian male prostitute known as A. Hitler.

I assume they got my post office box off of the web site, so it is not like they didn't know who they were sending it to. (See my essay "Birmingham - Race and Armed Defense of Individual Liberty and the Republic" among others.)

Of course, my personal fight with the racist collectivists is a matter of Internet lore and documented record for the past 15 years. Only duplicitous idiots like the Missouri fusion center (MIAC -- see this recent post), the Southern Preposterous Lie Center and Mark "Sparky" Pitcavage ignored the street-level struggles of the constitutional militias against the racist and neoNazi terrorists in the 90s, and they did that because they had, and continue to have, money on the line.

Quick. Here's a militia joke from the Nineties.



Answer: There are two. First, although both are gasbags and serve the commercial interests of a nascent collectivist tyranny, the Hindenburg was a dirigible whereas Pitcavage is a blimp. Second, Pitcavage has not yet spontaneously burst into flames.

We can always hope.


Anonymous said...

Also, thanks for linking that essay. That was a great piece. Best I ever read. Well written, made my heart swell with pride.

And I will say this too: I will watch your back constantly against these filth.

I regret I cannot attend the Indy500 and Knob Creek this year, but I WILL KNOW what the hell is happening.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of pussies. These pieces of filth are only "tough" when they can gang up on someone.
If you catch them 1 on 1 they won't even look you in the eye. I'd love to see them try and launch their little race war "revolution", it might give us the chance to squash these little limpdick, momma's basement, wanna be tough guys once and for all.
On the off chance that any of the people who actually sent you that read the comments on this thread: Feel free to add me to your catalogue. I'm one of those race traitors that you despise so much. And DAMN proud of it.

Anonymous said...

They probably all get checks from the federal government. Their job is to give leftist collectivists employed by the media something nasty to paint all of us with.

Anonymous said...

Is there contact info or a web page, I will send them an address and an invitation.

Anonymous said...

Straightarrow: I deliberately did not mention exactly who sent me this because I refuse to give them the publicity.

NeoNazis are proof positive that no bad idea, even one so thoroughly discredited by events, ever truly dies. They are like the green stuff you sometimes see growing deep down in the cracks of sidewalks -- disgusting, hard to eradicate, yet ultimately "limpdick."

They are useful to Three Percenters only in that by their ineffectual threats they discredit the liberal collectivist lie that we are birds of a feather.

The truth is that we believe in individual liberty and right to property, whereas they are two sides of the same collectivist coin that would steal both.

Don't waste time on these racist morons. Continue to prepare for what's coming.

idahobob said...

+1 to what Qi Ji Guang sez.

And this "expert" on militias, on God's green earth can this tub of lard even walk and breathe at the same time?
What does he do, stuff his porcine face and sit at a computer all day?

But, I reckon that he is trying to be an "expert" just like Morris Dees and his ilk are.


Anonymous said...

QUOTE What does he do, stuff his porcine face and sit at a computer all day? QUOTE

ROFL! Over at the motorcycle forums, we have "keyboard commandos" who claim to know everything and anything about the bikes, but in reality, they never even sat on a bike before, and if you challenge them with facts, they will shut up and go into hiding. I suppose Pitcavage is another one of these keyboard philosophers who claim to "know everything", but in reality, they can't tell truth from fiction, or crap from breakfast.

It's like that old joke about the virgin who claims he is the best in bed. In reality, the only people he is going to fool are other virgins.

Anonymous said...

It is no accident that these agent provocetuers are falsely labled as "militia" by the liberal main stream media. These asshats havenothing to do with the militia. They are a hate group and there is a big difference between the two. But WTF I'm sure I'm praching to the choir on this website!