Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some good news: "BATFE slapped yesterday"

Homer Hickam and "The Rocket Boys."

Also from Len, by way of a friend, comes this article about model rocketry from Planet News, "APCP not an explosive, rules Judge Reggie B. Walton."

BATFE slapped yesterday


You need to read this.......Some of your most favorite terms are used.......

"because the decision was arbitrary and capricious,"

"an abuse of discretion,"

"or otherwise not in accordance with the law"

"The Court further found that the agency 'ha[d] never articulated the standards that guided its analysis' that would permit a court sitting in review to 'determine whether [the defendant's] judgment reflect[ed] reasoned decision making.'"




idahobob said...

It is about time that "F" Troop got their comeuppance.

They have been a law unto themselves for waaaaaay too long (1930's?)

Unfortunately, it will not change, one iota, how they do things.

The only cure for this plague.... read "Neither Predator Nor Prey".


Anonymous said...

Ha! I highlighted the same stuff over at David's place.

How many of these observations are needed before it becomes generally accepted that these mopes just make stuff up as they go along?

Anonymous said...

Neither Predator Nor Prey...

Yep, I am about to order my copy.

This book should bridge the gap between Unintended Consequences and Absolved. Can't wait to read it!

If it is rated 5 stars out of 5 on the Sipsey Street Scale, then it's got to be kick-ass