Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Praxis: J-B Weld

From The Trainer comes this tip.


I've started using this stuff on my field gear when it breaks down. It's very, very good and actually does what it advertises.

J-B Weld:

They've got several products; I've used only their standard 2 part kit, but it works like a champ! The only draw back is the time required to fully cure (about 15 hours), but they do offer a 'quick set' type.

This could be used for stock repair, LBE buckles, etc.

Very light, very small, and the ROI for the little space and weight it adds is phenomenal!


drjim said...

It's definitely Good Stuff(tm)! I've used it to repair transmission, differential, and transfer cases that got damaged.cracked while off-roading. Just clean the surface of oil or grease, apply liberally, wait to cure, and drive out of where you broke down. I don't recommend driving full-speed until you can get it properly fixed, but it sure beats hiking out!

CorbinKale said...

Good call. I use this stuff to do field repairs on ATVs. I will be adding a few packs of this to my stockroom.