Monday, March 16, 2009

Praxis: If your pack looks like this, you'll be dead.

Lighten the load.

Cache what you shouldn't be carrying.

Moving is as important as shooting.

This advertisement brought to you by NITMIL, Necessity Is The Mother of Invention Laboratories, the militia version of NATICK.

The professional staff at NITMIL Labs.


Tangalor said...

A pack? It looks like a frame with an assload of canteens attached. I see no pack, really. He must be the 'Waterboy'!

Anonymous said...

Either Waterboy, or a worker on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

How much does that weigh? 100 pounds, more or less?

I say we should stick to the "Confederate bedroll" type pack. Confederate troops used that kind of pack, so did Chinese and North Korean troops during the 1937-1945 War. Men and equipment move fast and soundlessly when they are not loaded down. Cover, silence, and speed is essential, the most essential. The last thing you want is your squad weighed down with giant clanking packs like a Redcoat. It's the difference between a semi rig and a motorcycle. A semi rig carries a lot of weight, but moves slower, and is extremely conspicuous. A motorcycle carries less, but the rider can be resupplied easily along the way by trading posts, etc...

I rather have supply caches to resupply along the march, rather than have squads slowed down by such packs like in the pic.

Anonymous said...

All of my field gear is designed at Muppet Labs, except for comm and IED triggers, which are designed by LIRPA Labs.

The most essential pieces are a Bag of Holding, and solid helium metal M240B with fuzzy logic self-targeting.

Shin splints by Christian Dior, odour by Oscar the Grouch.


Anonymous said...

Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker? Muppet Labs? Geez, you'd think we have a better R&D Department than that...

Anonymous said...

maddawg308, tsk tsk. You shouldn't sell these Muppets short. Dr. Honeydew can channel Professor Tenney Davis (he of the 1943 classic, The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives) and Beaker holds the patent on an improved .50 caliber Raufoss round that will pentrate Chobham armor. He's also a serious martial artist and throat slitter. Who do you think gives Charlie Quintard his lessons?

Now if you want to be introduced to some truly rough characters, I can get you an invitation to go to a certain bodega in West Texas where, at the appointed time, you can buy a couple of beers for the staff of Phantom Farm Supply. They can tell you how to convert a John Deere combine into an Abrams tank on a shoestring budget. Some after-dark work is required. ;-)