Sunday, March 1, 2009

Global warming strikes again

This is a picture of what it looked like this morning in Alabaster, Alabama south of Birmingham. I stole the photo from a local weather website. Our back yard looked worse. I'd guess-timate we got about 5" of snow last night and it was still coming down this morning. If there is any left by nightfall, it won't be much. Still, it is nice to know Al Gore was right as usual about global warming.


Anonymous said...

About the same over in Huntspatch.
One day last week hit 70 degrees, now this, and they're calling for mid to upper sixties by early next week. Usual Bama roller coaster winter weather. No wonder we all have chronic head colds here in the sunny South.
Now that there is a substantial body of evidence counter to the claims of AGW (anthropogenic global warming, ie it's man's fault) the politicians are making policy decisions on failed theories while the MSM continues to push the lies in support of ol Algore.
Oh, and while we're waiting for Absolved I'll recommend a near future novel that takes on politics, global warming, and other serious issues head on. The Last Centurion, by John Ringo, from Baen publishing. A good read and it shoots down many of the claims our pols are using today to justify taking over yet more control from we the people.

Anonymous said...

Now Mike, you know you are mistating. It is no longer "global warming". It is now "climate change".

Weren't you paying attention when the assholes figured out that soon they would no longer be able to sell AlGore's fraud? All the reputable climatologists are disseminating data that proves we have been in a global cooling period for nearly two decades. And even should most folks not wish to grant them credibility, the "freeze the balls off a brass monkey" weather to come will still convince them.

Hence, the change from "global warming" to "climate change". I kid you not, listen to them, they never say GW anymore, it's always CC. You see, that way they get to claim a new crisis regarding "the inevitable Ice Age" and gain more control of the processes and actions of citizens and businesses. And perhaps we will see a new tax to reward the Al Gore's and other multi-mansion, jet-owning elite for the enormous size of their "carbon footprint" which will be touted as the only reason we haven't all frozen to death. Guess they would have to call them carbon debits then.

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