Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sipsey Street Health Report and Itinerary

Well, folks, I came back from the doctor yesterday with one of these on my right foot. Nothing broken, but I have a condition subsequent to my diabetes called Charcot foot and am currently dealing with infected spots on the sole of my ass-kicker. My doctor's opinion is "everything heals faster in plaster" so here I am, gimping again.

In any case, I will still be at Knob Creek, Kentucky this weekend for the machine gun shoot. Oleg Volk will be shooting some pics of me and others for the book cover. See you there, on crutches.



drjim said...

Sorry to hear, Mike. I've got Type-II, and it's a fight to keep my glucose numbers at what they should be. Diet, exercise, and Metformin are keeping me healthy for now, but since my Father and Grandfather also suffered from this disease, I wonder what my future holds...

Ride Fast said...

Ass kickers sometimes work better with plaster ;-) Hope you heal quick.

chris horton said...

Prayers for a speedy recovery,my brother! Have a blast in Kentucky.

Will catch up sometime this summer for sure!


straightarrow said...

Well, now I get to be the wet blanket. Thanks a bunch guys!

You can't go to Knob Creek. Seriously, I wasn't too worried about you when I just knew about your heart condition, but now that I know about your diabetes, I have to tell you, you just can't go.

That experience would just be toooooo toooooo sweet for a diabetic. I could go in your place if you like.

Yeah, yeah, have a good time anyway.

Anonymous said...

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tjbbpgobIII said...

Wife and I both have type II but she is going through some issues with foot infections now that clear up and come back, etc.etc. Hope you get to feeling better but this won't go away, watch your carbs.

tjbbpgobIII said...


Arlie Hubard III said...

Heal quickly and God speed!

Anonymous said...

This is from a real dutchman, you bloodsucking Hitler henchman. May you foot and the rest of you rot.