Monday, March 16, 2009

Praxis: "Shot placement is everything in a gunfight."

In one of life's little sychronicities, I was just talking last night to Yenta about the fact that most LEO marksmanship skills are poor to non-existent in a gun fight. That is, not their ability to punch paper but rather their ability to take down a man in a gun fight. The corrolary to this is that if you are going to hit a man with something, hit him with something that COUNTS, i.e. does not deposit its energy on the wall behind him, WHERE it counts.

My thanks to Brother Key for forwarding me this FBI Academy PDF document. (Warning: Graphic autopsy photos.)

Money quote:

Lessons Learned

** Determined individuals can sustain MANY gunshot wounds in areas that produce great PAIN and continue to fight a LONG time, even without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

** Shot PLACEMENT is everything in a gunfight and ALWAYS the key to stopping a threat effectively.


Anonymous said...

Speed is fine, but accuracy is final.
- Bill Jordan

The three most important components of stopping power are bullet placement, bullet placement and bullet placement.
-Evan Marshall

You're just here to do your job and collect a paycheck.
I'm here to defend my way of life.
- Uncle Lar

chris horton said...

Well then,I hope they realize there's a whole bunch of determined individuals out here!


rexxhead said...

...and always throw the heaviest practical weight. Even a 9mm can be the cure if the pill is 147gr.

Anonymous said...

Excellent read, thanks for posting the link.

The core principle of marksmanship is deadly accurate aiming. I know almost everyone here has heard about wild hogs hunted with Gamo air rifles, haven't you? Now that is accuracy right there.

Talking about 9mm, even a .22 CB short can be fatal if it is aimed at the neck, heart or the back of the head where the spinal cord meets the lower part of the brain.

Now here is another story about World War II in China. Most people know that shaken and shuriken, so called "ninja" weapons are more of weapons of distraction than weapons of lethal force. However, the shaken, or shuriken works in the same way as a Katana or Da Dao, it's principal operation lies in it's cutting ability. The reason why most martial arts experts designate the shaken as a weapon of distraction is because of how difficult it is to aim it, especially at night. For those who practiced aiming until they can hit a tin can at 10 paces with one eye closed, the shaken is just as deadly as the pistol they carry.
Most Chinese agents of assassination who placed true fear in the hearts of the Japanese occupationists were also skilled martial artists. They carried handguns, but silencers were not available, and daggers were too risky for close up work, especially against packs of enemy. They needed something that can kill quick, and at a distance too. They chose the shaken, either made using steel components, or bamboo chopsticks, or the four-bladed clover shuriken, which can be made by anyone with simple machines. The targets they aimed at: ALWAYS the throat, and the back of the head. A weighted chopstick shaken can be concealed in the wrist-sleeves, and one elderly man in Hangzhou killed at least 20 Japanese officers throughout the war by standing close to them, then igniting firecrackers and taking the time during the confusion to hit the target officer precisely, and accurately in the jugular with the shaken. The range is never more than 5-10 paces, and confusion is used for the assassin to exfil the scene afterwards. While the "ninja" of ancient Japan may have used the shaken and it's various cousins as distraction devices, individual, nationalist fighters used it to wreck havoc on the occupationist regime in China during the 1940s.

Anonymous said...

Also another thing, it's not a bad decision to invest in body armor and trauma plates while they are still available.

Once the economic situation worsens and the crime rate skyrockets due to the depression, alot of folks are going to panic and start buying body armor. This happened in the UK, it will happen here too.

I personally want EVERY patriot to have a vest and trauma plate as part of their gear. These things save lives, hands down. Hear me?


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that the officers were fighting to put this guy in cuffs yet he was killed by a shot to the back of the head with a .223 round? Seems to me that if they have him under enough control to attempt to put cuffs on, he wouldn't need to be shot in the head from behind.