Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Praxis Request: Sources of Bulk Foods?

Speaking with a long-time companero in the the gun rights movement, he asked: "Do you have any info on companies selling pails of rice, beans, etc.?"

No, I told him, I was not up to date on bulk food sources. But I thought I knew where I could find someone who was.

Ideas? Experiences?




closed said...

A better option might be to buy a complete planned package ....


There are also a bunch of vendors selling to LDS households ... anything from bulk DIY to finished pantry kits.

Bruce W. Krafft said...








are some of the sources I have found online, but please note that I have not ordered from any of these people. My focus the last couple of years has been guns and ammo.

Anonymous said...

Um, Sam's Club?

Have you seen the size of some of the bags of rice?

All you need is an airtight container. Also likely avaiable at Sam's

George Haystack said...

Two weeks ago the nice people in the Sam's Club bakery gave me about 30 airtite pails, free for the asking. I filled some of them with rice from Sam's, and I got 5 varieties of beans from local granaries for 20-40 cents per pound. I also got some cheap wheat. Bulk sellers are VERY expensive compared to direct buys from the granaries. I'm lucky to live near the northern plains where they grow lots of food, but others might try the same.

Oldfart said...

Bags of beans, rice, flour, sugar, etc., are usually available at local discount grocery stores. I buy sugar in 25 lb bags and flour in 20 kg (44 lb) bags somy wife can bake cakes and such. I see 25 lb bags of pinto beans and 50 lb bags of rice too. Food-grade buckets can be had from a variety of sources such as bakeries and larger restraunts.

Here in the west we have a chain called "Winco" that sells all sorts of stuff in bulk. We buy oatmeal, spices, dried fruits, pet food and noodles by the pound. I'm sure there are similar stores in other parts of the country.

Brock Townsend said...

Grain Storage Guide
Containers & Shelf Life

Anonymous said...

Honeyville Farms. Have ordered from them several times. I like long grain brown rice, it is very nutritious and easy to prepare, and can be stored for a year without effort. Many other products as well.

Anonymous said...

Walton Feed


I have order from both.

Also your local Latter day Saints normally have a local grain source.

Art said...


Survival Blog ... All questions answered regarding preps

Anonymous said...

Walton Foods in Montpelier, Idaho carries bulk wheat, rice, etc, either in 5 gal pails or 50lb bags. Prices are usually better than what I can get at Sam's.

Anonymous said...

Walton Feed - I know, the name sounds like one is buying seed grain or cattle feed. This is not the case. Walton feed specializes in preparedness bulk foods.



Einherjar said...

There's also Walton Feed out of Montpelier, ID.


They're great for dehydrated and general bulk foods. They're good folks and they'll treat you right.

If you can arrange for a large local group buy from them, you can save allot of money on freight shipping.

Also, make sure you get some kind of database for tracking your food/prep storage. I swear by the "Food Storage Planner" software from http://www.revelar.com/


Dakota said...

I can't afford all that expensive stuff either and I think I can get better quality with a little time & effort. I get 50# bags of rice at the Asian grocery store for $35 and get beans at the Mexican store. Just a little imagination and you can save alot and buy more ammo and other goodies. Buckets are everywhere ....go ask at the restaurants whereever.

CorbinKale said...


They also sell food grade Diatomaceous Earth for storing those dry goods.


Anonymous said...

Mike - A cheaper way is to package the food yourself. I get food grade buckets with lids for free from the donut shops in my area. I buy my bulk foods (grains,rice,beans,etc) from my local grocery store - I package them in mylar bags with O2 absorbers inside the free buckets. This is a lot cheaper than buying bulk foods already packaged. Regards WinOregon

Crustyrusty said...

I get my rolled oats in the cardboard containers from Aldi and repack them in buckets. It seems that this is actually cheaper than bulk buying. I get rice, sugar and flour at Sam's. We need bulk quantities of that stuff anyway, with the number of kids we have :-D

I'm getting ready to get some whole wheat kernels for longer term storage. I'll be looking at the options in the comments.

Anonymous said...

did no one think about trying costco wholesale? they have plenty of bulk items. shop there all the time and love it.

Joel said...

Ditto on the big box stores. I get my flour, beans, rice, salt, sugar etc from Costco and have no complaints. Also I've friends who have had success with the LDS bulk food products: More expensive, but better packaged for long-term. I eat and rotate what I store, so don't worry too much about whether it'll keep for years. But it's simple enough to package it up yourself and save the money.

Anonymous said...

Use food-grade diatomaceous earth to store beans and grain long-term. Way cheaper than going the other routes, if you just buy the food locally in bulk. Buy DE from freshwaterorganics.com