Monday, March 16, 2009

From a solid citizen who doesn't spread rumors. . .

I received an email from someone whom I trust who works on the "Hill"

To quote:

I’ve been attending hearings about Mexico/U.S. border violence the past couple of weeks and the hearings are nothing but a witch hunt against U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors; blaming them for gun running and drug crimes across the border. I fear the “Assault Weapons” ban may make a return, worse than ever.



Anonymous said...


I am going to break a leg from kicking myself over going to sleep once the Clinton era ended.

chris horton said...

Sweet! They'll probably include "deer rifles" of high calibers this time around as well.

Maybe that will piss off the Fudds enough,now that "their" guns will also make the list.

Maybe our ranks will grow a little more.If nothing else,there will be even more weapons to pick up!


Anonymous said...

I can see the .308, .30-06, and 8mm and x54 Russian cartridges that will definitely be included in the next ban. The above are all "military origin cartridges" Coincidentally, these same cartridges are what makes up the backbone of this country's hunting and competitive shooting tradition. That'll get a lot of people pissed off, I am sure.

That'll get most of the membership right out of the AHSA and wake up the more deep-sleeping Fudds. That'll give us more numbers, hopefully.

I knew this kind of thing is going to happen. These globalist trash can find a scapegoat in ANYTHING. It's Salem, 1692, all over again. Only this time, I hope we won't meekly march to the gallows, or allow heavy stones to be placed atop our bodies.

Anonymous said...

This is not a surprise. Jesus Christ, they've been telegraphing for a long time now.

Anonymous said...

That'll get most of the membership right out of the AHSA and wake up the more deep-sleeping Fudds. That'll give us more numbers, hopefully.

Um, you mean Ray and the other two members?


Anonymous said...

QUOTE Um, you mean Ray and the other two members? QUOTE

Not really. I am not sure about AHSA's aka HAN JIAN (traitor in Chinese) situation at this point. Maybe many people who were previously lured by their siren song had left after discovering that they were nothing but filthy collaborators, but there are still many "hunters and shooters" who still don't believe that the Oborg will seize THEIR guns, and they still believe that THEIR hunting guns are skeet guns are safe.

If these folks don't wake up now, they will be in for a really nasty surprise, when one day the administration decides it is time to carry out national assimilation and purging of "political threats".

Concerned American said...

They are prepping the battlespace with the media drumbeat, as well.

See, e.g., this story

and this story

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Federales and assorted minions and you'll piss off the wolverine enough that it will strike back.

People are thoroughly angry about losing so much Keogh money, supporting those that would rather not work or take risk, etc. Our hobbies and liberties are constantly under assault. Hell, I can't even buy something as simple as NATO gas cans anymore (I use them on the ranch because they don't leak and have generous spouts) and incandescent bulbs are on the way out, -even though those expensive curly things don't work worth a da%n with dimmers or in the cold.

That's it, keeeeeep a pushin' Federales and you're gonna get bit and you won't like it. Oh, and you are clearly outnumbered in quantity and spirit.

Das Katz

Anonymous said...

Got six NATO Jerry cans just before the window closed 31Dec08. The watermelons (green on outside and red inside) are as much a threat to national security and a strong economy as the Jihadists and BHO.

The BS curly lights make some people sick: