Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, snaggle-toothed kin folk'

Yellowhammer Politics broke the story. The London Daily Mail picked it up. The Mobile Press-Register called it an "outlandish exchange."
Outlandish is not the word I would have used. Explain to me again how it is that racism is the exclusive domain of white folks.


Bruce Abbott said...

I am the owner of a number of guns, but the one weapon I value above all the others doesn't even work. It is a cheap Belgian copy of a French pin-fire revolver that my ancestor Sgt. George Washington Abbott carried in the civil war while serving in 18 major engagements with the 9th Maine. The war cost him his only son, which is why my side of the family own Wash's farm. If the old sergeant could hear the comments from this legislator, he would probably wonder why he didn't just stay home.

Roger J said...

But you must admit he's eloquent in a Ghetto way ;-) I suggest he go to work for Charlie Rangel!

Anonymous said...

When the time comes to correct the current situation, we will have foes on many fronts. In the same manner we will have friends on many fronts.

We need to discern which is which before the shooting starts. Once the shooting starts we can then direct fire where it will be of immediate and permanent benefit.

Scott J said...

Saw that yesterday right on the heels of seeing Hoyt's comments on the morning news.

William Flatt said...

That's funny coming from a man whose POLITICAL KINFOLK (Demorats) invented 'gun control' to disarm people of color!

So since he's down with the victim disarmament thang, does that make him an UNCLE TOM??

Just a question I have!!

Anonymous said...

Wish this asshole would come on upstate a little and hang out with his homies in Birmingham.
Maybe we would be rid of him for good because it seems that the black on black hunting has become pretty much a daily thing,

firecapt said...

Nothing except the 360,222 Union dead in the civil war.
He could properly be peeved about th Jim Crow Laws, but that was the exclusive regime of the Democratic Party.